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Vital statistics

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Leader  00000cz a2200037n 45 0
001  fst01423730
003  OCoLC
005  20180611123717.0
008  060313nneanz||babn n ana d
0167 ‎‡a fst01423730‏ ‎‡2 OCoLC‏
040 ‎‡a OCoLC‏ ‎‡b eng‏ ‎‡c OCoLC‏ ‎‡f fast‏
155 ‎‡a Vital statistics‏
455 ‎‡a Records, Vital (Statistics)‏
455 ‎‡a Statistics‏ ‎‡v Vital‏ ‎‡w nne‏
455 ‎‡a Vital event statistics‏
455 ‎‡a Vital rates‏
455 ‎‡a Vital records (Statistics)‏
455 ‎‡a Vital statistics records‏
555 ‎‡a Statistics‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01423727‏ ‎‡w g‏
555 ‎‡a Census data‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01411644‏
680 ‎‡i Official public records of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and other life events. For official counts of the population of a place or ethnic group, sometimes including data relating to economic and social conditions, see‏ ‎‡a Census data.‏
688 ‎‡a LC (2017) Subject Usage: 1,753‏
688 ‎‡a WC (2017) Subject Usage: 27,330‏
755 7 ‎‡a Vital statistics‏ ‎‡2 lcgft‏ ‎‡0 (DLC)gf2014026207‏

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