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Leader  00000cz a2200037n 45 0
001  fst01726721
003  OCoLC
005  20220610115712.0
008  100114nn anznnbabn || ana d
0167 ‎‡a fst01726721‏ ‎‡2 OCoLC‏
0247 ‎‡a‏ ‎‡2 uri‏
040 ‎‡a OCoLC‏ ‎‡b eng‏ ‎‡c OCoLC‏ ‎‡f fast‏
155 ‎‡a Revues‏
455 ‎‡a Musical revues‏
455 ‎‡a Musical shows‏
455 ‎‡a Table entertainments‏
455 ‎‡a Variety shows (Musical theater)‏
455 ‎‡a Vaudeville shows‏
555 ‎‡w g‏ ‎‡a Dramatic music‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01920114‏
555 ‎‡a Minstrel music‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01920239‏
680 ‎‡i Theatrical productions from around the end of the 18th century that feature a series of songs, dances, and other entertainments without any unifying dramatic element. For musical/theatrical productions consisting of musical numbers integrated into a dramatic framework see Musicals. For musical works, often small in scale and primarily of the 20th century, that combine elements of music, drama, and sometimes dance in unconventional ways that result in works distinct from traditional forms see Music theater.‏
688 ‎‡a LC (2022) Subject Usage: 70‏
688 ‎‡a WC (2022) Subject Usage: 1,767‏
755 7 ‎‡a Revues‏ ‎‡2 lcgft‏ ‎‡0 (DLC)gf2014027050‏

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