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Sound poetry

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Leader  00000cz a2200037n 45 0
001  fst01921736
003  OCoLC
005  20210329093012.0
008  150814n| anznnbabn || ana d
0167 ‎‡a fst01921736‏ ‎‡2 OCoLC‏
0247 ‎‡a‏ ‎‡2 uri‏
040 ‎‡a OCoLC‏ ‎‡b eng‏ ‎‡c OCoLC‏ ‎‡f fast‏
155 ‎‡a Sound poetry‏
455 ‎‡a Phonetic poetry‏
455 ‎‡a Poesie sonore‏
455 ‎‡a Sonorist rhythms (Poetry)‏
555 ‎‡w g‏ ‎‡a Poetry‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01423828‏
680 ‎‡i Poetry meant to be performed that emphasizes sounds instead of the semantic meaning of the words themselves. For poetry that is meant to be performed and that is heavily stressed, metrically regular, and characterized by improvisation, free association, and word play, see‏ ‎‡a Spoken word poetry.‏
688 ‎‡a LC (2022) Subject Usage: 14‏
688 ‎‡a WC (2022) Subject Usage: 121‏
755 7 ‎‡a Sound poetry‏ ‎‡2 lcgft‏ ‎‡0 (DLC)gf2014026550‏

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