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Leader  00000cz a2200037n 45 0
001  fst02009028
003  OCoLC
005  20200204105221.0
008  191008n| anznnbabn || ana d
0167 ‎‡a fst02009028‏ ‎‡2 OCoLC‏
0247 ‎‡a‏ ‎‡2 uri‏
040 ‎‡a OCoLC‏ ‎‡b eng‏ ‎‡c OCoLC‏ ‎‡f fast‏
150 ‎‡a Open educational resources‏
450 ‎‡a Educational resources, Open‏
450 ‎‡a OERs (Open educational resources)‏
450 ‎‡a Resources, Open educational‏
550 ‎‡a Information resources‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst00972599‏ ‎‡w g‏
550 ‎‡a Teaching‏ ‎‡x Aids and devices‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01144567‏ ‎‡w g‏
680 ‎‡i Here are entered works on teaching or learning materials that are freely available to educators and students without royalties or licensing fees.‏
750 0 ‎‡a Open educational resources‏ ‎‡0 (DLC)sh2019000514‏

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