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Georgetown University. Dept. of Medicine

Information about the Authority

Leader  00000xz a2200037n 45 0
001  fst00643992
003  OCoLC
005  20130415152037.0
008  050513nn anznnbabn || ana d
0167 ‎‡a fst00643992‏ ‎‡2 OCoLC‏
0247 ‎‡a‏ ‎‡2 uri‏
040 ‎‡a OCoLC‏ ‎‡b eng‏ ‎‡c OCoLC‏ ‎‡f fast‏
1102 ‎‡a Georgetown University.‏ ‎‡b Dept. of Medicine‏
4102 ‎‡a Georgetown University.‏ ‎‡b School of Medicine.‏ ‎‡b Dept. of Medicine‏
4102 ‎‡a Georgetown University Hospital.‏ ‎‡b Dept. of Medicine‏
4102 ‎‡a Georgetown University.‏ ‎‡b Medical Dept.‏
682 ‎‡i This authority record has been deleted, the heading is now covered by: ‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01820227‏
71027 ‎‡a Georgetown University.‏ ‎‡b Department of Medicine‏ ‎‡w na‏ ‎‡0 (OCoLC)fst01820227‏ ‎‡2 fast‏
71020 ‎‡a Georgetown University.‏ ‎‡b Dept. of Medicine‏ ‎‡0 (DLC)n 88282148 ‏

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