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Great Australian women
Great Australian women
by:De Vries, Susanna.
Author honored with the Order of Australia in 1996 for services to art and literature. Stories of dedicated and resourceful women who demanded something different from the restricted lives of their mothers and grandmothers. The achievements of Australian women have long been overshadowed by the deeds of Australian men. Susanna de Vries has remedied this with her outstanding research, and this audio book details the life stories of eighteen courageous Australian women who broke down the barriers of prejudice. From Lillie Goodisson, pioneer of family planning; Eileen Joyce, world famous pianist; Enid Lyons, our first female cabinet minister, these are women who have affected the lives of thousands through their achievements. The Complete book of great Australian women tells the story of women who changed the course of history.
ISBN: 9781741632262, 1741632269
OCLC: 150553005

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