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The pioneering Garretts : breaking the barriers for women
The pioneering Garretts : breaking the barriers for women
by:Glynn, Jenifer.
"No other family was as active, and successful, on so many fronts as the Garretts. Their ideas and leadership had enormous influence. They saw how education for women was a basic need, and how suffrage would be worthwhile as a right in itself and as a route to much else. There were six sisters, the three most prominent being Elizabeth (Garrett Anderson); Millicent (Garrett Fawcett); and Agnes, who with her cousin Rhoda started an Arts and Crafts business as architectural decorators. The other sisters, although less prominent, were closely involved with the radical interests of the family. Jenifer Glynn's real achievement in this thoroughly researched and eminently readable biography is to show how the Garrett family inspired, encouraged and supported each other in their common goals."--Jacket.
ISBN: 1847252079, 9781847252074
OCLC: 173720700

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