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The selected papers of Margaret Sanger
The selected papers of Margaret Sanger
by:Sanger, Margaret,
Supplemented by an introduction, brief essays providing narrative and chronological links, and substantial notes, the volume is an invaluable tool for understanding Sanger's actions and accomplishments. The documents assembled here, more than 80 percent of them letters, were culled from the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition, edited by Esther Katz, Cathy Moran Hajo, and Peter C. Engelman. Two subsequent volumes will address later periods in her life, and an additional volume will cover her international work in the birth control struggle.
ISBN: 9780252033728, 0252031377, 0252033728, 025202737X, 0252040384, 9780252040382, 9780252027376, 9780252031373
OCLC: 179308162

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