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A scandalous life : the biography of Jane Digby el Mezrab
A scandalous life : the biography of Jane Digby el Mezrab
by:Lovell, Mary S.
Born in Dorset into the aristocratic Digby family in 1807, the notorious and passionate beauty Lady Jane Digby ended her days in Damascus as the wife of a Bedouin sheikh. The biography of Jane Digby, an 'enthralling tale of a nineteenth-century beauty whose heart - and hormones - ruled her head.' Harpers and Queen A celebrated aristocratic beauty, Jane Digby married Lord Ellenborough at seventeen. Their divorce a few years later was one of England s most scandalous at that time. In her quest for passionate fulfilment she had lovers which included an Austrian prince, King Ludvig I of Bavaria, and a Greek count whose infidelities drove her to the Orient. In Syria, she found the love of her life, a Bedouin nobleman, Sheikh Medjuel el Mezrab who was twenty years her junior. Bestselling biographer Mary Lovell has produced from Jane Digby's diaries not only a sympathetic and dramatic portrait of a rare woman, but a fascinating glimpse into the centuries-old Bedouin tradition that is now almost lost.
ISBN: 9781860660016, 1860660010
OCLC: 34298402

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