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Italian Aces of World War 1
Italian Aces of World War 1
by:Varriale, Paolo,
The Italian aces of World War One have gone down in history as the irrefutable masters of the skies in the battle against their Austro-Hungarian enemies. In this often forgotten theatre of warfare these remarkable pilots gave the Italian forces an undisputed air superiority and left an enduring legacy as extraordinary men. Having interviewed the descendants of almost every Italian ace from the Great War, Paolo Varriale uncovers these fighters' incredible and sometimes tragic histories. Years of painstaking research has culminated in this truly groundbreaking study which brings to life the expl.
Oxford :Osprey Pub., 2009.
ISBN: 9781849080927, 1849080925
OCLC: 645498759

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Italian Aces of World War I and their aircraft
Italian Aces of World War I and their aircraft
by Gentilli, Roberto.
Atglen, PA :Schiffer Military History, ©2003.
ISBN: 0764316648, 9780764316647