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The words and music of Bruce Springsteen
The words and music of Bruce Springsteen
by:Kirkpatrick, Rob.
"The Words and Music of Bruce Springsteen provides a comprehensive and coherent look at the work of a thoroughly complex and persistently captivating artist." "Bruce Springsteen enjoys a popularity that has transcended generations. His 1975 album Born to Run was voted the most popular album of all time in a recently published Zagat survey; his 1984 album Born in the U.S.A. spawned seven Top Ten singles while selling more than 20 million copies; and his 2002 album The Rising was regarded by many critics as the most poignant artistic reaction to 9/11." "Springsteen, now in his 50s, has evolved from an over-hyped version of the "next Bob Dylan," to the "future of rock and roll" in the mid-1970s, to a pop culture icon in Reagan America, to a 21st-century populist voice. His career has been covered many times over, yet many of the complexities and apparent contradictions of Springsteen's music remain unresolved. These include his hard-rock influenced musical background; his movement from themes of rebellion and isolation in his early work to those of a more populist complexion later on; and his contribution in the 1980s to a conservative patriotism - despite his albums' close association with the music and ideas of Woody Guthrie. Springsteen presents an extremely compelling subject as a result of all these influences and epochs, and it is through his music that we can find new ways of understanding his art, his life, and even his country." "After a brief biographical treatment, Kirkpatrick considers all of Springsteen's significant albums in chronological order. In addition to a probing musical analysis, the book offers a guide to Springsteen's lyrical themes and motifs, allowing readers a coherent insight into the complicated nature of the artist's underlying concerns, influences, and ideas. Rounding out the volume is a consideration of Springsteen's legacy as a songwriter and musician, as well as appendices including a bibliography and a complete discography."--Jacket.
ISBN: 0275989380, 9780275989385
OCLC: 71790093

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