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Jane's Window : Stories Beyond the Texas Roadside Markers.
Jane's Window : Stories Beyond the Texas Roadside Markers.
by:Sibley, Jane Dunn.
On the southern portion of what was known as the Sibley's Pezuna del Caballo (Horse's Hoof) Ranch in West Texas' Culberson County are two mountains that nearly meet, forming a gap that frames a salt flat where Indians and later, pioneers came to gather salt to preserve foodstuffs. According to the US Geological Survey, the gap that provides this breathtaking and historic view is named "Jane's Window." In Jane's Window: My Spirited Life in West Texas and Austin, Jane Dunn Sibley, the inimitable namesake of that mountain gap, gives readers a similar.
ISBN: 1603449795, 9781603449793
OCLC: 843638277

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