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The diary and letters of a World War I fighter pilot
The diary and letters of a World War I fighter pilot
by:Knocker, Guy Mainwaring.
"This is a first-hand account from the author's grandfather, Guy Mainwaring Knocker, of his experiences as a pilot in the RFC in the First World War. It is written as a series of letters and diary entries. He wrote letters virtually every day to his family, while he trained in England and was in service in France, and often illustrated them with sketches. Guy was a gifted artist, particularly pencil and pen and ink, and he also became an excellent photographer." "He flew with No. 65 (fighter) Squadron that was formed in August 1916 initially as a training squadron. In June 1917 the squadron moved to Calais for special patrol work in the Dover Straits area, to intercept enemy aircraft raiding England. In October 1917 the Sopwith Camels of 65 Squadron flew to the front line to join the war there."--Jacket.
ISBN: 178159418X, 9781783409945, 1783409940, 9781781594186
OCLC: 880878608

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