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Savile the beast : the inside story of the greatest scandal in TV history
Savile the beast : the inside story of the greatest scandal in TV history
by:McShane, John,
When Jimmy Savile died in 2011 he was celebrated as a prolific charity fundraiser who had dedicated his time to worthy causes. But on 3 October 2012, ITV broadcast a documentary called Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Saville. In it they revealed the shocking truth behind the popular TV persona. Several women alleged that Saville had sexually abused them when they were underage, sparking a flurry of further allegations in the following days and weeks. Saville was accused of abusing hundreds of young children and teenagers over nearly 50 years and on 19 October the Metropolitan Police launched a formal criminal investigation into his behaviour. Just how was Saville allowed to get away with such monstrous crimes for so long? What role did the BBC play in sweeping previous allegations under the carpet? Why was a News-night investigation that was set to expose Saville shelved? How was he given access to vulnerable individuals? Who else was involved? Top journalist John McShane answers these questions and more in this unflinching examination of the scandal that has rocked some of Britain's most famous institutions to the core. This is the full story of how Jimmy Saville went from being a TV favorite to the most reviled man in Britain.
Large print book
ISBN: 9781459682276, 1459682270
OCLC: 892707293

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