mapFAST Mobile

Explore the world. Find books about Places.

Libraries hold and provide access to a wide variety of information resources related to geographic locations. FAST is a system of controlled subject headings used to describe, organize, and provide access to library materials of all types.

When looking for information about a particular place, it's often useful to investigate nearby locations as well. mapFAST is a Google Maps mashup that allows users to identify a point of interest and see surrounding locations that are also used as library subject headings, which can be used to find related library materials.

mapFAST's map interface allows for easy selection of the location, with a link to enter a search directly into, which combines the holdings of tens of thousands of libraries around the world.

mapFAST Mobile uses either the user's current location or an entered search. Using Google Maps, all locations are available, even those which are not FAST subject headings. This centers the map, and the FAST subject heading nearby are added as location pins.

Selecting the Search WorldCat link searches, where materials about the location can be examined, ultimately leading to libraries where the material can be found.