OCLC Experimental WorldCat Recommender Service Documentation

Recommender Service Documentation

This method provides recommendations for books and other printed materials based on FRBR grouping.

The recommendations provided for resources are based on the collective information available from the larger pool of related resources, identified using the OCLC FRBR Work-Set algorithm.

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The APIs expect all requests to be UTF-8 encoded. Responses are also UTF-8 encoded.

More information about UTF-8

Request Formats
REST is the simplest format to use and the only request format currently supported. REST requests consist of URLs that can be invoked either via HTTP POST or GET methods, either programatically or via a WEB browser. For example:


Response Formats
REST/XML is the only response format currently supported. The success or failure of a request is indicated in the response code. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mlt xmlns="http://recommender.oclc.org">
  <response code="0">success</response>

Click the link in the 'Request Formats' section (above) to view a sample response.
Sample Code

The following code samples are provided as "how-to" examples for using the APIs. They demonstrate how to use the Recommender API, but also serve as a general guide for accessing any of the REST services.

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