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Becoming a chef

by: Dornenburg, Andrew

1 editions in 1 languages held by 1 libraries

Date: 2003


In selecting chefs to be interviewed for [this] book, [the authors] aimed to tap a diverse range of opinions and experiences ... What does it take to become a truly good chef in America? This is the central question [the authors] explored, for the sake of other aspiring chefs or the otherwise interested reader. Wherever one might practice this profession - from a four-star kitchen to one more modest - any cook can learn a great deal from the experiences of the leading chefs [interviewed in this book]. First, [the authors] tried to understand the experiences that were most formative to the chefs' lives and early careers; these experiences are addressed in the first half of the book. Second, [they] hoped to gain a sense of the practices that keep leading chefs at the top, which are addressed in the second half.-Pref.


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