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Uncommon grounds : the history of coffee and how it transformed our world

by:Pendergrast, Mark

"Coffee has been banned as a creator of revolutionary sedition, vilified as the worst health-destroyer on earth and praised as the boon of mankind. Its history provides a window through which to view broader themes of colonialism and culture clash, the rise of mass production, modern-day media and marketing, women's issues and international commodity schemes. It also illustrates how an entire industry can lose focus, allowing upstart micro-roasters to reclaim quality and profits." "Mark Pendergrast enlivens his scrupulously researched history with anecdotes, eccentric characters and period commentary that will give readers stories to share - over good cups of coffee - for years to come."--Jacket.

Editions:25  Date:1999 - 2010  Genre(s):History


Coffee : a dark history

by:Wild, Antony, 1955-

"From obscure beginnings in east Africa in the fifteenth century as a stimulant in religious devotion, coffee became an imperial commodity, produced by poor tropical countries and consumed by rich temperate ones. Through the centuries, the influence of coffee on the rise of capitalism and its institutions has been enormous. Revolutions were once hatched in coffeehouses, commercial alliances were forged, secret societies were formed, and politics and art were endlessly debated. Today, while coffee chains spread like wildfire, coffee-producing countries are in crisis: with prices at a historic low, they are plagued by unprecedented unemployment, abandoned farms, enforced migration, and massive social disruption."--Jacket.

Editions:13  Date:2004 - 2012  Genre(s):History


Everything but the coffee : learning about America from Starbucks

by:Simon, Bryant

"Everything but the Coffee casts a fresh eye on the world's most famous coffee company, looking beyond baristas, movie cameos, and Paul McCartney CDs to understand what Starbucks can tell us about America. Bryant Simon visited hundreds of Starbucks around the world to ask, Why did Starbucks take hold so quickly with consumers? What did it seem to provide over and above a decent cup of coffee? Why at the moment of Starbucks' profit-generating peak did the company lose its way, leaving observers baffled about how it might regain its customers and its cultural significance? Everything but the Coffee probes the company's psychological, emotional, political, and sociological power to discover how Starbucks' explosive success and rapid deflation exemplify American culture at this historical moment. Most importantly, it shows that Starbucks speaks to a deeply felt American need for predictability and class standing, community and authenticity, revealing that Starbucks' appeal lies not in the product it sells but in the easily consumed identity it offers."--Jacket.

Editions:12  Date:2009 - 2011


The book of coffee & tea : a guide to the appreciation of fine coffees, teas, and herbal beverages

by:Schapira, Joel, 1946-

Editions:15  Date:1975 - 2016  Genre(s):Recipes, Recipes


Starbucks passion for coffee : a Starbucks coffee cookbook

by:Olsen, Dave

Learn the brewing secrets of North America's leading roaster and retailer of specialty coffee beans. Sip and savor the brews that made Starbucks famous as you explore coffee around the globe. Cook and enjoy 34 original recipes, specially created to enhance your appreciation of coffee morning, afternoon and evening. - Back cover.

Editions:5  Date:1994 - 1995


Coffee : philosophy for everyone : grounds for debate

by:Allhoff, Fritz

"Offering philosophical insights into the popular morning brew, Coffee -- Philosophy for Everyone kick starts the day with an entertaining but critical discussion of the ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and culture of coffee"--The publisher.

Editions:8  Date:2011


Coffee : a guide to buying, brewing, and enjoying

by:Davids, Kenneth, 1937-

Now in its latest revised edition, Kenneth Davids's comprehensive and entertaining Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying remains an invaluable resource for anyone who truly enjoys a good cup of coffee. It features updated information and definitions, a history of coffee culture, tips on storing and brewing, and other essential advice designed to improve the coffee experience. Coffee lovers everywhere will welcome this lively, complete guide to the fascinating world of America's national beverage. - Back cover.

Editions:13  Date:1976 - 2001


The devil's cup : coffee, the driving force in history

by:Allen, Stewart Lee

A wild ride through the history of coffee offers a humorous revisionist take on world events with this magic bean as the prime mover of everything from Napoleon's downfall to the prosperity of America.

Editions:10  Date:1999 - 2014


Coffee talk : the stimulating story of the world's most popular brew

by:Satin, Morton

In this entertaining yet comprehensive book, food expert Morton Satin describes how, in recent times, coffee has become the magnet that draws people together for spirited interchanges of information and ideas. In the intellectual capitals of the world, coffeehouses have been and continue to be the venues where the great minds flock to discuss the latest developments in the arts, sciences, and social philosophies.

Editions:3  Date:2010 - 2011


God in a cup : the obsessive quest for the perfect coffee

by:Weissman, Michaele

"In God in a Cup, journalist and late-blooming adventurer Michaele Weissman treks into an exotic and paradoxical realm of specialty coffee where the successful traveler must be part passionate coffee connoisseur, part ambitious entrepreneur, part activist, and part Indiana Jones. Her guides on the journey are the nation's most heralded coffee business hotshots - Counter Culture's Peter Giuliano, Intelligentsia's Geoff Watts, and Stumptown's Duane Sorenson." "Weissman tells the tale of an odyssey she shares with these and other brash visionaries who devote themselves to coffee with near-religious fervor, unquenchable energy, and geek-like attention to detail. This journey through the rituals and rivalries of today's ultra-premium coffee business begins in a sweltering Central American hotel, where "cupping" competition judges sniff and spit their way through hundreds of cups, detecting tobacco, chocolate, and blueberry in the brews."--Jacket.

Editions:6  Date:2008 - 2011


Displaying 1 to 10 of 320