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Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life

by:Kingsolver, Barbara

"When Kingsolver and her family move from suburban Arizona to rural Appalachia, they take on a new challenge: to spend a year on a locally produced diet, paying close attention to the provenance of all they consume. 'Our highest shopping goal was to get our food from so close to home, we'd know the person who grew it. Often that turned out to be ourselves as we learned to produce what we needed, starting with dirt, seeds, and enough knowledge to muddle through. Or starting with baby animals, and enough sense to refrain from naming them'"-- From publisher description.

Editions:28  Date:2007 - 2017  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Anecdotes, Anecdotes, Anecdotes


Julie and Julia : 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen .

by:Powell, Julie, 1973-

Julie Powell is 30 years old, living in a rundown apartment in Queens and working at a secretarial job that's going nowhere. She needs something to break the monotony of her life, and she invents a deranged assignment. She will cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's 1961 classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking. In the span of one year. At first she thinks it will be easy, but as she moves from simple potato soup into more complicated realms, she realizes there's more to Mastering the Art than meets the eye. She haunts the local butcher, buying kidneys and sweetbreads. She rarely serves dinner before midnight. She discovers how to mold the perfect Orange Bavarian, the trick to extracting marrow from bone, and the intense pleasure of eating liver. And somewhere along the line she realizes she has eclipsed her life's ordinariness through humor, hysteria, and perseverance.--From publisher description.

Editions:24  Date:2001 - 2006  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Anecdotes, Autobiographies


Hallelujah! the welcome table

by:Angelou, Maya

Throughout Maya Angelou's life, from her childhood in Stamps, Arkansas, to her world travels as a bestselling writer, good food has played a central role. Preparing and enjoying homemade meals provides a sense of purpose and calm, accomplishment and connection. Now in -- Hallelujah! The Welcome Table From the Hardcover edition.

Editions:16  Date:2004 - 2014  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Cookbook


Julie and Julia : my year of cooking dangerously

by:Powell, Julie, 1973-

The author recounts how she escaped the doldrums of an unpromising career by mastering every recipe in Julia Child's 1961 classic, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," a year-long endeavor that transformed her life.

Editions:48  Date:2005 - 2011  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Anecdotes, Autobiographies, Biography, Creative nonfiction


The pioneer woman cooks : recipes from an accidental country girl

by:Drummond, Ree

In her folksy, wonderfully engaging voice, Drummond shares how she learned to cope with the isolation and peculiarities of an Oklahoman ranch life, from chasing beavers out of the pond and saddling horses, to cooking for a man who believes the sun rises and sets in a steak and baked potato. Includes delicious recipes such as cowboy calzones, pioneer woman's ribeye steaks, cheese grits, fresh blackberry cobbler, pico de gallo, and Iny's prune cake.

Editions:10  Date:2009 - 2014  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Eating as I go : scenes from America and abroad

by:Friedensohn, Doris

"What do we learn from eating? About ourselves? Others? In this unique memoir, Doris Friedensohn takes eating as an occasion for inquiry. Munching on quesadillas and kimchi in her suburban New Jersey neighborhood, she reflects on the meanings of cultural inclusion and what it means to our diverse nation. Enjoying couscous in Tunisia and khatchapuri (cheese bread) in the Republic of Georgia, she explores the ways strangers maintain their differences and come together."

Editions:5  Date:2006  Genre(s):Anecdotes


The Pioneer Woman cooks : comfort classics, freezer food, 16-minute meals, and other delicious ways to solve supper. Dinnertime

by:Drummond, Ree

The blogger and Food Network personality answers that age-old question "What's for Dinner?", bringing together more than 125 simple, step-by-step recipes for delicious dinners the whole family will love.

Editions:7  Date:2010 - 2015  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Anecdotes


A cook's tour : in search of the perfect meal

by:Bourdain, Anthony

From Japan where he eats traditional fugu, a poisonous blowfish that can only be prepared by specially licensed chefs, to a delectable snack in the Mecong Delta, follows the author as he embarks on a quest around the world to find the ultimate meal.

Editions:52  Date:2001 - 2011  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Anecdotes


Eating mud crabs in Kandahar : stories of food during wartime by the world's leading correspondents

by:McAllester, Matthew, 1969-

These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting stories about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalists who have reported from dangerous conflict zones around the world during the past twenty years. A profile of the former chef to Kim Jong Il of North Korea describes Kim's exacting standards for gourmet fare, which he gorges himself on while his country starves. A journalist becomes part of the inner circle of an IRA cell thanks to his drinking buddies. And a young, inexperienced female journalist shares mud crab in a foxhole with an eq.

Editions:11  Date:2011  Genre(s):Anecdotes


Hoosh : roast penguin, scurvy day, and other stories of Antarctic cuisine

by:Anthony, Jason C.

As entertaining as it is enlightening Anthony's tour of Antarctic cuisine takes us from hoosh (a porridge of meat fat & melted snow often thickened with crushed biscuit) & scurvy ridden expeditions of Shackleton & Scott through the 20th century to his own preplanned 300 meals (plus snacks) for a two person camp in the Transantarctic Mountains.

Editions:9  Date:2011 - 2012  Genre(s):History, Anecdotes, Anecdotes


Displaying 1 to 10 of 1125