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  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder--Diet therapy

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The kid-friendly ADHD & autism cookbook : the ultimate guide to the gluten-free, casein-free diet

by:Compart, Pamela J.

"This special diet has become an essential step of treatment for families struggling with autism and ADHD. And these recipes for gluten- and casein-free foods, meals, and snacks are simple to prepare and yummy--making it easier than ever to please kids who have behavioral or developmental challenges, or are just picky eaters. In this revised and updated edition, we've compiled all the latest research findings and add mor information on all food culprits. We've also added 100 new recipes!"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:17  Date:2006 - 2012  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Recipes


The Feingold cookbook for hyperactive children, and others with problems associated with food additives and salicylates

by:Feingold, Ben F.

The Feingold cookbook is for children and others who are hyperactive because of association with food additives and salicylates.

Editions:3  Date:1979  Genre(s):Recipes


How to feed your hyperactive child

by:Stevens, Laura J., 1945-

Editions:2  Date:1977  Genre(s):Popular Works, Recipes


Cooking for your hyperactive child

by:Roth, June, 1926-

Information on special dietary regimens for disruptive children, food-sensitivity tests, food additives, and other topics augment recipes based on the latest findings in the field and suitable for the entire family.

Editions:2  Date:1977  Genre(s):Recipes


Caring & cooking for the hyperactive child

by:Finsand, Mary Jane

A collection of recipes for the hyperactive child based on the diet of Dr. Benjamin F. Feingold.

Editions:2  Date:1981  Genre(s):Recipes


Fed up with ADHD

by:Dengate, Sue, 1948-

Editions:2  Date:2004


Cooking for hyperactive and allergic children

by:Robb, Phyllis

Editions:1  Date:1980  Genre(s):Recipes


Scary dairy, wild wheat and coping with E's : a practical approach to children's behavioural problems through diet

by:Lobb, Tessa

Editions:3  Date:2005  Genre(s):Popular works


Cooking with pure ingredients : family recipes for the hyperactive

by:Tydeman, Ann

Diet as a means of controlling a hyperactive child is a matter of often heated controversy. For some children its effects are dramatic. Ann Tydeman is the mother of a hyperactive child and by the time her son was two years old she was on the brink of despair. At her doctor's suggestion she tried a strict diet which eliminated all foods thought to aggravate hyperactivity. After four days her baby's behaviour improved almost miraculously. Nonetheless, she has sensibly included a note of ad vice on the need for individual requirements. In this book the recipes contain no artificial colourings or flavours - a bonus, also, for those concerned about adulteration by artificial additives in modern foods. These recipes are appetising, simple to prepare, and appealing to all members of the family. They obviate the need to prepare a special diet and are designed to meet all needs, from a snack to a party. These tasty recipes will be welcomed by all those who prefer an alter native life style; they will be a blessing for many parents of hyperactive children.

Editions:3  Date:1979  Genre(s):Recipes


A real food cookbook

by:Hauf, Margaret

Editions:1  Date:1984  Genre(s):Recipes


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