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Against all grain : delectable paleo recipes to eat well & feel great : more than 150 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes for daily life

by:Walker, Danielle (Chef)

A multicourse Paleo culinary journey from appetizers to dessert that omits grains, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.

Editions:5  Date:2013  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The primal blueprint cookbook

by:Sisson, Mark, 1953-

The popularity of the low carb/paleo/Primal wayof eating has exploded, as people discover an appealing and sustainable alternative to the restrictive diets and flawed conventional wisdom that lead to burnout and failed weight loss efforts. The dream of eating satisfying meals-even on a budget-controlling weight and feeling great has now become a reality. As you build momentum for Primal eating, you'll find that you won't even miss the bland, boring, low-fat foods that previously were the central focus of your diet. How can you argue with a menu that includes Roasted Leg of Lamb withHerbs and Gar.

Editions:5  Date:2010  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Primal cravings : your favorite foods made paleo

by:Keatley, Megan McCullough

"More than 125 recipes, each accompanied with a vibrant photo and detailed macronutrient calculations. Categorized by Breakfasts, Meat and main dishes, Sides and salads, Snacks and sweets, and the Basics, such as bread, sauces, and dressings, all recipes are no- or low-sugar, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-optional, and embrace healthy primal/paleo good fats"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:5  Date:2013  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Primal blueprint quick & easy meals : delicious primal-approved meals you can make in under 30 minutes

by:Sisson, Mark, 1953-

These mouth-watering recipes with easy-to-follow instructions will get you in and out of the kitchen in 30-minutes or less. They make preparing delicious, fat-burning, primal meals easier than ever.

Editions:4  Date:2011  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Primal Blueprint healthy sauces, dressings & toppings

by:Sisson, Mark, 1953-

It's hard to complain about a grilled steak or a serving of fresh broiled fish. But what if you could take these and other meal favorites to the next level with an amazing, healthy marinade, rub or topping? Nothing beats salads or steamed veggies for healthful eating, but why not make them more tempting--and even more nutritious--with a delicious dressing that's loaded with antioxidants and healthful fats? And berries make a satisfying dessert, for sure, but the right topping can make it a decadent dessert. Sometimes all it takes to transform basic natural foods into a quick culinary masterpie.

Editions:3  Date:2012  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Make it paleo : over 200 grain-free recipes for any occasion

by:Staley, Bill

"Transitioning from conventional foods to a grain-free lifestyle can be a daunting proposition to most people, but it doesn't have to be. In this highly original cookbook, Hayley and Bill show you how easy it is to take any dish and make it paleo! The Food Lovers have adapted recipes from Chinese, French, Mexican and classic American meals"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:4  Date:2011 - 2015  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Gather : the art of paleo entertaining

by:Mason, Hayley

Organized by season, the authors present menus for a variety of occasions throughout the year, all following the grain-free requirements of the Paleo diet plan.

Editions:2  Date:2013  Genre(s):Popular works, Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The Primal Kitchen cookbook : eat like your life depends on it

by:Sisson, Mark, 1953-

Mark Sisson, bestselling author, award-winning blogger, and founder of Primal Kitchen, teams up with over 50 leading icons in the primal community to amass 130 mouth-watering recipes in this ultimate paleo recipe collection. Learn how to whip up Primal Kitchen's uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient dense sauces and dressings at home to pack healthy fats, phytonutrients, and superfoods into every meal. With recipe contributions from Melissa Hartwig, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, Sarah Fragoso, Pete Evans, Tony Horton, Laird Hamilton, Cassy Joy Garcia, George Bryant, and so many more, The Primal Kitchen Cookbook makes cooking with your favorite paleo personalities right in your own primal kitchen a reality!

Editions:5  Date:2017  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Make it paleo II : over 175 new grain-free recipes for the primal palate

by:Mason, Hayley

In Make it Paleo II, Hayley and Bill expand their collection of published recipes with over 150 new and innovative dishes, all in their signature style: approachable cooking techniques with delectable results! Much like the original Make it Paleo, their new cookbook continues the theme of transforming popular recipes into Paleo-friendly dishes. Readers will also delight in discovering recipes that are purely from the culinary imaginations of the trio. Hayley and Bill, widely known for their exquisite food photography, have created a feast for the senses as they guide you through various cuisines of the world. Make it Paleo II is a true culinary journey that includes a multitude of inventive entrees, elegant side dishes, and (of course) decadent desserts. Recipes Include: Lemon Blueberry Waffles ; Stuffed Acorn Squash ; Apple Streusel Muffins ; Thai Fried Chicken ; Lamb Barbacoa Tacos ; Ramen with Marinated Eggs and Chasu ; Caramelized Fennel with Sweet Potato Puree ; Aromatic Roast Chicken ; Lobster Fettucini Alfredo ; Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ice Cream ; Luscious Lemon Cupcakes. As always, Hayley and Bill strive to make cooking fun and inspiring for anyone following a Paleo diet, whether they are new to this way of eating or not. Make it Paleo II is exactly that: fun and inspiring, with recipes that will excite you about grain-free cooking, and leave you satisfied long after the meal is over.

Editions:2  Date:2015  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The corn-free cookbook & survival guide : for the corn-intolerant and corn-allergic

by:Steele, Laurel Lee, 1969-

Editions:1  Date:2006  Genre(s):Recipes


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