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The multicultural cookbook for students

by:Albyn, Carole Lisa

Presents a collection of recipes from over 130 countries and briefly discusses the culture and culinary habits of each country.

Editions:14  Date:1993 - 2011  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works


The New York times cook book

by:Claiborne, Craig

Presents nearly fifteen hundred recipes, including traditional American and dishes from twenty countries, from appetizers to desserts.

Editions:13  Date:1961 - 1990  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Eating as I go : scenes from America and abroad

by:Friedensohn, Doris

What do we learn from eating? About ourselves? Others? In this unique memoir, Doris Friedensohn takes eating as an occasion for inquiry. Munching on quesadillas and kimchi in her suburban New Jersey neighborhood, she reflects on the meanings of cultural inclusion and what it means to our diverse nation. Enjoying couscous in Tunisia and khatchapuri (cheese bread) in the Republic of Georgia, she explores the ways strangers maintain their differences and come together. Friedensohn's subjects range from Thanksgiving at a Middle Eastern restaurant to fried grasshoppers in Oaxaca. Her wry dramas of.

Editions:4  Date:2006  Genre(s):Anecdotes


The kids' multicultural cookbook : food & fun around the world

by:Cook, Deanna F., 1965-

A selection of 75 recipes and local customs collected from around the world. Each recipe graded according to complexity: simple, intermediate, or assistance may be required.

Editions:9  Date:1995 - 2008  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The world in a skillet : a food lover's tour of the new American South

by:Knipple, Paul

Paul and Angela Knipple's culinary tour of the contemporary American South celebrates the flourishing of global food traditions "down home." Drawing on their firsthand interviews and reportage from Richmond to Mobile and enriched by a cornucopia of photographs and original recipes, the Knipples present engaging, poignant profiles of a host of first-generation immigrants from all over the world who are cooking their way through life as professional chefs, food entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, and home cooks. Beginning the tour with an appreciation of the South's foundational food traditions--in.

Editions:5  Date:2011 - 2014  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The Frugal gourmet on our immigrant ancestors : recipes you should have gotten from your grandmother

by:Smith, Jeff, 1939-2004

Featuring the cuisine of thirty-five different ethnic groups, this collection of recipes encompasses easy-to-prepare dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts.

Editions:4  Date:1990  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The world religions cookbook

by:Schmidt, Arno, 1937-

Expect high demand for this one-stop volume that overviews the world's major religions in turn, explains dietary restrictions, provides a host of recipes for the religion's holidays and events, and offers insight into what the religion's founder or major figures might have eaten.

Editions:7  Date:2007  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The science chef : 100 fun food experiments and recipes for kids

by:D'Amico, Joan, 1957-

Learn how to make curds and whey (and why it is called "cottage cheese"), why popcorn pops, and why one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. Have fun cooking and learn a little about science. Includes brief experiments and lots of recipes that range in skill level from novice to intermediate.

Editions:12  Date:1995 - 2008  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works


Fried walleye & cherry pie : midwestern writers on food

by:Wolff, Peggy

With its corn by the acre, beef on the hoof, Quaker Oats, and Kraft Mac n' Cheese, the Midwest eats pretty well and feeds the nation on the side. But there's more to the midwestern kitchen and palate than the farm food and sizable portions the region is best known for beyond its borders. It is to these heartland specialties, from the heartwarming to the downright weird, that Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie invites the reader. The volume brings to the table an illustrious gathering of thirty midwestern writers with something to say about the gustatory pleasures and peculiarities.

Editions:5  Date:2013  Genre(s):Anecdotes, Miscellanea, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Menus from history : historic meals and recipes for every day of the year

by:Clarkson, Janet, 1947-

Presents a recipe for every day of the year, each celebrating a specific historic occasion, including an ancient Roman banquet, spaceship meals, and Elvis's wedding celebration.

Editions:4  Date:2009  Genre(s):History, Menus, Menus

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 6520