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Medieval cuisine of the Islamic world : a concise history with 174 recipes

by:Zaouali, Lilia

Vinegar and sugar, dried fruit, rose water, spices from India and China, sweet wine made from raisins and dates - these are the flavors of the golden age of Arab cuisine. This book, a delightful culinary adventure that is part history and part cookbook, surveys the gastronomical art that developed at the Caliph's sumptuous palaces in ninth-and tenth-century Baghdad, drew inspiration from Persian, Greco-Roman, and Turkish cooking, and rapidly spread across the Mediterranean. In a charming narrative, Lilia Zaouali brings to life Islam's vibrant culinary heritage. The second half of the book gathers an extensive selection of original recipes drawn from medieval culinary sources along with thirty-one contemporary recipes that evoke the flavors of the Middle Ages. Featuring dishes such as Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate, Beef with Pistachios, Bazergan Couscous, Lamb Stew with Fresh Apricots, Tuna and Eggplant Puree with Vinegar and Caraway, and Stuffed Dates, the book also discusses topics such as cookware, utensils, aromatic substances, and condiments, making it both an entertaining read and an informative resource for anyone who enjoys the fine art of cooking.

Editions:28  Date:2004 - 2018  Genre(s):History


Feast : food of the Islamic world

by:Helou, Anissa

Award-winning chef Anissa Helou, an authority on the cooking of North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, shares time-tested recipes, history, and stories from cuisines throughout the Muslim world. Born in Lebanon to a Lebanese mother and Syrian father, Helou has lived and traveled widely in this region, from Egypt to India, Indonesia to Pakistan, Qatar to Morocco, gathering an enormous variety of dishes associated with Arab, Persian, Mughal (or South Asian), and North African cooking.

Editions:9  Date:2018  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


My halal kitchen : global recipes, cooking tips, lifestyle inspiration

by:Maffei, Yvonne M

"More than 2.6 million Muslims live in America, and that number is expected to double by 2030. Many follow a halal diet, eating only those foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. Due to the diet's restrictions (no alcohol, pork, or pork byproducts, to name a few), it is hard for halal home cooks to branch out and try new and delicious recipes. My Halal Kitchen: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Lifestyle Inspiration by Yvonne Maffei, founder of the hugely popular cooking blog and Islamic lifestyle website of the same name, is one of the first mainstream cookbooks to cater to the millions of Americans who follow halal dietary customs. This beautiful, hand-sewn hardcover book allows readers to explore food from around the world using simple, halal-friendly substitutes and all-natural ingredients. My Halal Kitchen provides readers with the tools they need to prepare flavorful, trustworthy halal dishes. Complete with full-color photography and more than 75 unique recipes from across various culinary traditions, My Halal Kitchen showcases Maffei's unique identity as the daughter of Sicilian and Puerto Rican parents. Born and raised in the US, Maffei was exposed to her family's traditional meals that most Muslim-Americans would enjoy but could never try. From her father, Maffei inherited a love of Mediterranean food and Italian classics like homemade meatballs, lasagna, and tiramisu. From her mother, it was arroz con frijoles (rice and beans), empanadas, and pasteles. After becoming Muslim, Maffei learned how to incorporate her favorite childhood dishes, American comfort foods, and the dishes she discovered while studying abroad, into her family's halal customs. My Halal Kitchen breaks down the basics of halal cooking, provides resources for sourcing halal foods, includes a glossary of terms explaining exotic concepts, and delivers clear-cut steps for replacing most any ingredient with a halal-friendly alternative. The book combines the best of Maffei's massively popular food blog with many brand-new recipes for appetizers, breakfast dishes, entrees, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages. Maffei launched her site in 2008 as a forum for halal foodies interested in culinary tips and recipes. Now, just seven years later, the site is a go-to halal resource, receiving over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and nearly 1 million "likes" on Facebook. As someone who grew up tasting all kinds of food, Maffei is especially suited to finding the proper halal substitute for nearly any ingredient without comprising the flavor or integrity of the dish. My Halal Kitchen is not just a must-have for Muslims everywhere; it's an ideal resource for any home cook looking to find delicious and healthy recipes from across the globe"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:4  Date:2016  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Food in the Muslim world

Food in predominately Muslim countries have both similarities and differences. The DVD shows the food that is cooked in Iran, India and Indonesia. The importance of Islam to its adherants is also shown.

Editions:4  Date:2008  Genre(s):Nonfiction television programs, Television programs


Moro East

by:Clark, Sam (Samuel)

The food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean, from the famed British restaurant.

Editions:4  Date:2007 - 2011  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Heavenly bites : the best of Muslim home cooking

by:Dawood, Karimah bint

Presents a collection of fifty Muslim cooking recipes, featuring soups, snacks, starters, and other dishes.

Editions:3  Date:2011 - 2012  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Moorish recipes

by:Bute, John, Marquess of

Editions:5  Date:1954 - 2005  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The finest Indian Muslim cooking

by:Khan, S. N. M

Editions:10  Date:1934 - 1958  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks


El banquete de las palabras : la alimentación de los textos árabes

Editions:8  Date:2005  Genre(s):History


Malabar Muslim cookery

by:Abdulla, Ummi

Editions:6  Date:1981 - 2009


Displaying 1 to 10 of 84