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The larder : food studies methods from the American South

"This edited collection presents articles in southern food studies by a range of writers, from established scholars like Psyche Williams-Forson to emerging scholars like Rien Fertel. All are chosen for a combination of accessible writing and solid scholarship and offer stories and historical details that add to our understanding of the complexities of southern food and foodways. The editors have chosen to organize the collection by methodology in part in order to escape what reader Belasco calls "the tradition-inventing, nostalgic approach of so many books about regional foodways." They also aim to advance the field by presenting articles that represent a range of tools and methodologies from disciplines such as history, geography, social sciences, American studies, gender studies, literary theory, visual and aural studies, cultural studies and technology studies that make up the amazingly multifaceted world of academic food studies, in hopes that this structure can help further a conversation about best practices"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:8  Date:2013


Cooking the Russian way

by:Plotkin, Gregory

Introduces the cooking and food habits of the Soviet Union, including such recipes as borscht, chicken kiev, and beef stroganoff, and provides brief information on the geography and history of the country.

Editions:15  Date:1986 - 2003  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Cookbooks, Literature, Literature


A mess of greens : Southern gender and Southern food

by:Engelhardt, Elizabeth Sanders Delwiche, 1969-

Combining the study of food culture with gender studies and using perƯspectives from historical, literary, environmental, and American studies, Elizabeth S.D. Engelhardt examines what southern women's choices about food tell us about race, class, gender, and social power. Shaken by the legacies of Reconstruction and the turmoil of the Jim Crow era, different races and classes came together in the kitchen, often as servants and mistresses but also as people with shared tastes and traditions. Generally focused on elite whites or poor blacks, southern foodways are often portrayed as stable and unchanging-even as an untroubled source of nostalgia. A Mess of Greens offers a different perspective, taking into account industrialization, environmental degradation, and women's increased role in the work force, all of which caused massive economic and social changes. Engelhardt reveals a broad middle of southerners that included poor whites, farm families, and middle- and working-class African Americans, for whom the stakes of what counted as southern food were very high. Five "moments" in the story of southern food-moonshine, biscuits versus cornbread, girls' tomato clubs, pellagra as depicted in mill literature, and cookbooks as means of communication-have been chosen to illuminate the connectedness of food, gender, and place. Incorporating community cookbooks, letters, diaries, and other archival materials, A Mess of Greens shows that choosing to serve cold biscuits instead of hot cornbread could affect a family's reputation for being hygienic, moral, educated, and even godly.

Editions:8  Date:2011  Genre(s):History


Cooking the Korean way

by:Chung, Okwha

Introduces the cooking and food habits of Korea, including such recipes as bean sprout salad and Korean dumplings, and provides brief information on the geography and history of the country.

Editions:18  Date:1988 - 2014  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Cookbooks, Literature, Literature


Thomas Jefferson on wine

by:Hailman, John R., 1942-

In Thomas Jefferson on Wine, John Hailman celebrates a founding father's lifelong interest in wine and provides unprecedented insight into Jefferson's character from this unique perspective. In both his personal and public lives, Jefferson wielded his considerable expertise to influence the drinking habits of his friends, other founding fathers, and the American public away from hard liquor toward the healthier pleasures of wine. An international wine judge and nationally syndicated wine columnist, Hailman discusses how Jefferson's tastes developed, which wines and foods he preferred at diffe.

Editions:14  Date:2006 - 2009  Genre(s):History


The expert cook in enlightenment France

by:Takats, Sean, 1974-

Sean Takats describes how 18th-century French cooks transformed themselves from domestic servants into professionals with artistic skills like other artists and health skills like doctors. They combined mechanical expertise with new theoretical perspectives on food and taste, he says, to create the modern French cooking that quickly became renowned throughout the world. He discusses defining the cook, corrupting spaces, pots and pans, theorizing the kitchen, and the servant of medicine.

Editions:5  Date:2011  Genre(s):History



by:Ganeri, Anita, 1961-

Contains step-by-step instructions for activities related to the country of India, including models, games, recipes, songs, and projects.

Editions:32  Date:1984 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Literature, Literature, History


Mrs. Hill's southern practical cookery and receipt book

by:Hill, A. P

Editions:4  Date:1872 - 1995


Cooking the Indian way

by:Madavan, Vijay

An introduction to the cooking of India featuring such traditional recipes as lamb kebabs, yogurt chicken, pumpkin curry, and apple chutney. Also includes information on the geography, customs, and people of India.

Editions:16  Date:1985 - 2014  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Literature, Literature


Cooking the Vietnamese way

by:Nguyen, Chi

An introduction to the cooking of Vietnam featuring such recipes as spring rolls, sweet and sour soup, and Vietnamese fried rice. Also includes information about the land, history, and holidays of this south-east Asian country.

Editions:14  Date:1985 - 2014  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Literature, Literature, Recipes


Displaying 21 to 30 of 4824