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Wheat belly : lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health

by:Davis, William, 1957-

After witnessing over two thousand patients regain their health after giving up wheat, the author, a cardiologist, has concluded that wheat is the single largest contributor to the obesity epidemic. Here, he offers a step-by-step plan for a wheat-free lifestyle. He explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges, and reverse myriad health problems.

Editions:26  Date:2011 - 2014  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Popular works


It's all good : delicious, easy recipes that will make you look good and feel great

by:Paltrow, Gwyneth, 1972-

Together with Julia Turshen, Paltrow compiled a collection of 185 delicious, easy recipes--free of gluten and sugar, and low in fat--that will help you stay healthy, feel more energetic and look great. Recipes include: huevos rancheros, Korean chicken tacos, salmon burgers with pickled ginger, even power brownies, banana "ice cream", and more!-- Source other than Library of Congress.

Editions:7  Date:2013  Genre(s):Cookbooks, Cookbook, Recipes, Cookbooks


Wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook for kids and busy adults

by:Sarros, Connie

"One out of every 133 people in the United States has celiac disease. And countless others are giving up wheat for general health concerns. These books provide taste-tested recipes for delicious meals and desserts that are all wheat-and gluten-free."--Publisher description.

Editions:10  Date:2003 - 2010  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks


Gluten-free cooking for dummies

by:Korn, Danna

Want to create tasty gluten-free meals and snacks? This practical guide shows you how to select the right ingredients and prepare classic, healthy dishes.

Editions:18  Date:2008 - 2013  Genre(s):Recipes, Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Cookbook


Wheat belly 30-minute (or less!) cookbook : 200 quick and simple recipes to lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health

by:Davis, William, 1957-

Contains 200 quick and simple recipes to lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find the way back to health.

Editions:6  Date:2013 - 2014  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Wheat belly 10-day grain detox : reprogram your body for rapid weight loss and amazing health

by:Davis, William, 1957-

"Through the New York Times bestseller Wheat Belly, millions of people learned how to reverse years of chronic health problems by removing wheat from their daily diets. Now, Dr. William Davis has created an easy and accessible 10-day detox program. Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox supplies you with carefully designed meal plans and delicious recipes to fully eliminate wheat and related grains in the shortest time possible. Perfect for those who may have fallen off the gluten-free wagon or for newcomers who need a jump-start to weight loss, this new addition to the Wheat Belly phenomenon guides you through the complete detox experience. In addition to the brand-new quick-start program, Dr. Davis teaches you how to recognize and reduce wheat-withdrawal symptoms, how to avoid common landmines that can sabotage success, and how to use nutritional supplements to further advance weight loss and health benefits. Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox also includes inspiring testimonials from people who have completed the program (and have now made gluten-free eating a way of life), as well as exciting new recipes to help get your entire family on board"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:8  Date:2015 - 2016  Genre(s):Recipes, Popular Work, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Against all grain : delectable paleo recipes to eat well & feel great : more than 150 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes for daily life

by:Walker, Danielle (Chef)

A multicourse Paleo culinary journey from appetizers to dessert that omits grains, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.

Editions:6  Date:2013  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The gluten-free gourmet cooks fast and healthy : wheat-free and gluten-free with no fuss and fat

by:Hagman, Bette

Bette Hagman, the Gluten-free Gourmet, is recognized as a pioneer in the use of "safe" flours for those who are gluten intolerant and allergic to wheat. Her first two books, The Gluten-free Gourmet and More from the Gluten-free Gourmet, offered recipes that brought good-tasting meals back into the lives of those who must follow this very restrictive diet. In this book, she adds two new elements, speed and health. Responding to the needs of those who must whip up a.

Editions:13  Date:1995 - 2000  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


The gluten-free gourmet bakes bread : more than 200 wheat-free recipes

by:Hagman, Bette

Whether you are a first-time bread baker or seasoned professional, The Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread provides all the information you'll need to create an extensive variety of breads. Bette Hagman includes an introduction to the gluten-free flours{u2014} what they taste like, what type of baking they are best for, and how they are stored. She also anticipates and answers common questions on bread baking in general and those that arise on the use of different flours. The book ends with a list of sources for gluten-free baking products you can order by phone, fax, or mail.

Editions:8  Date:1999  Genre(s):Recipes


The primal blueprint cookbook

by:Sisson, Mark, 1953-

The popularity of the low carb/paleo/Primal way of eating has exploded. These Primal recipes provide the foundation for a lifetime of delicious, healthy eating, high energy, and protection from common health problems that arise from eating SAD (Standard American Diet).

Editions:9  Date:2010 - 2019  Genre(s):Recipes, Cookbooks, Cookbooks


Displaying 1 to 10 of 337