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The world atlas of wine : a complete guide to the wines & spirits of the world

by:Johnson, Hugh, 1939-

Concentrating on wine-producing regions of the world, this atlas emphasizes the relationship between geography and its effects on a wine's character and notes important geographic features of famous vineyards.

Editions:177  Date:1968 - 2016  Genre(s):Maps, Guidebooks


Windows on the World complete wine course

by:Zraly, Kevin

Looks at how and where wine is made and how this affects its quality and pricing, including information on how the professionals taste and rate wine and a country-by-country tour of the latest vintages.

Editions:62  Date:1985 - 2016


The Oxford companion to wine

by:Robinson, Jancis

"Including contributions and advice from authorities around the world, Its 3,000 alphabetically arranged entries range from brief entries--What is a blanc de noirs? Where is Chateau Latour?--to fascinating longer essays on the intricacies of wine scoring, wine aging, and the nuances of judging a wine's color, aroma and flavor."--Publishers Description.

Editions:73  Date:1088 - 2017


From vines to wines : the complete guide to growing grapes and making your own wine

by:Cox, Jeff, 1940-

Create you own backyard winery! From breaking ground to savoring the finished product, Jeff Cox's From Vines to Wines is the most complete and up-to-date guide to growing flawless grapes and making extraordinary wine. Wine connoisseurs, gardeners, and home winemakers will find the latest techniques in this fully revised and updated edition. With thorough, illustrated instructions, you'll learn how to: -- Choose and prepare a vineyard site -- Construct sturdy and effective trellising systems -- Plant, prune, and harvest the perfect grapes for your climate -- Press, ferment, age and bottle your own wine -- Judge wine for clarity, color, aroma, body, and taste.

Editions:26  Date:1985 - 2015


Wine for dummies

by:McCarthy, Ed

The fun and easy way to become a savvy wine drinker. A handy reference for everyone.

Editions:46  Date:1995 - 2016


A history of wine in America : from prohibition to the present

by:Pinney, Thomas

Wine-making in the United States as it was carried out under Prohibition and then as it developed and spread to all fifty states after the repeal of Prohibition is described in this account of the American vintner's art as it has evolved into a successful enterprise.

Editions:13  Date:2005  Genre(s):History


A companion to California wine : an encyclopedia of wine and winemaking from the mission period to the present

by:Sullivan, Charles L. (Charles Lewis), 1932-

"Sullivan's encyclopedic handbook traces the Golden State's wine industry from its mission period and Gold Rush origins down to last year's planting and vintage statistics. All aspects of wine are included, and wine production from vine propagation to bottling is described in straightforward language. There are entries for some 750 wineries, both historical and contemporary; for more than 100 wine grape varieties, from Aleatico to Zinfandel; and for wine types from claret to vermouth - all given in a historical context."--Jacket.

Editions:6  Date:1998  Genre(s):Encyclopedias


Reading between the wines

by:Theise, Terry, 1953-

Acclaimed importer and wine guru Terry Theise, long known for his top-notch portfolio and his illustrious writing, now offers this opinionated, idiosyncratic, and beautifully written testament to wine. What constitutes beauty in wine, and how do we appreciate it? What role does wine play in a soulful, sensual life? Can wines of place survive in a world of globalized styles and 100-point scoring systems? In his highly approachable style, Theise describes how wine can be a portal to aesthetic, emotional, even mystical experience - and he frankly asserts that these experiences are most likely to be inspired by wines from artisan producers. Along the way, Theise tells us a little about how he got where he is today, explores the meaning of wine in the lives of vintners he has known, and praises particular grape varieties. Reading between the Wines is a passionate tribute to wine - and to what it can say to us once we learn to listen.

Editions:10  Date:2010 - 2011  Genre(s):Miscellanea


Notes on a cellar-book

by:Saintsbury, George, 1845-1933

Since its first publication in 1920, George Saintsbury's classic Notes on a Cellar-Book has remained one of the greatest tributes to drink and drinking in the literature of wine. A collection of tasting notes, menus, and robust opinions, the work is filled with anecdotes and recollections of wines and spirits consumed--from the heights of RomaneĢe-Conti to the simple pleasures of beer, flip, and mum. Thomas Pinney brings this unique work alive for contemporary audiences by providing the keys to a full understanding of Notes on a Cellar-Book in a new edition that includes explanatory endnotes, an.

Editions:50  Date:1920 - 2012  Genre(s):Menus, Menus

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The winemaker's dance : exploring terroir in the Napa Valley

by:Swinchatt, Jonathan P.

There is a saying among winemakers that "great wine begins with dirt." Beginning from this intriguing premise, The Winemaker's Dance embarks on an eye-opening exploration of "terroir" in one of the greatest places on earth to grow wine - California's Napa Valley. Jonathan Swinchatt and David G. Howell weave a tale that begins millions of years ago with the clash of continental plates that created the Napa Valley and go on to show how this small region, with its myriad microclimates, complex geologic history, and dedicated winemakers, came to produce world-class wines. A fascinating look at the.

Editions:6  Date:2004


Displaying 1 to 10 of 6722