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The bathing women : a novel

by:Tie, Ning

From award-winning and bestselling Chinese writer Tie Ning comes a stunningly original novel that captures the spirit of a new generation of young professionals in contemporary China. The Bathing Women follows the lives of four women - Tiao, a children's book editor; Fan, her sister, who thinks escaping to America might solve her problems; Fei, a hedonistic and self-destructive young woman; and Youyou, a chef - from childhood during the Cultural Revolution to adulthood in the new market economy. This moving novel charts the journey of these women as they grapple with love, sibling rivalry, and, ultimately, redemption. Beloved and renowned in China, Tie Ning's numerous books have never before been translated into English; this publication of The Bathing Women introduces a brilliant writer of uncommon talents, vision, and compassion to American readers. Spellbinding, unforgettable, and an important chronicle of modern China, The Bathing Women is a powerful and beautiful portrait of the strength of female friendship in the face of adversity.

Editions:24  Date:2000 - 2014  Genre(s):Historical fiction, History, Bildungsromans, Bildungsromans


Under the hawthorn tree

by:Ai, Mi

Jingqiu, an innocent young woman from a poor and politically questionable family in the city, is selected as one of a small group of students to be sent into the countryside to work on a glorious new education project that will further the Cultural Revolution. Clever, curious and eager, she wants to fit in with her hosts and the rural way of life, and it isn't appropriate for her to fall in love. But she does, with the son of a mighty army general. This beautiful simple story of love against the odds will break your heart. -- Cover.

Editions:48  Date:2007 - 2013  Genre(s):History, Diary fiction, Diary fiction, Historical fiction


Death notice : a novel

by:Zhou, Haohui, 1977-

"An elite police squad hunts a manipulative mastermind out to publically execute criminals the law cannot reach"

Editions:20  Date:2009 - 2018  Genre(s):Detective and mystery fiction, Mystery fiction, Suspense fiction, Thrillers (Fiction), Detective and mystery fiction


The borrowed

by:Chan, Ho-Kei, 1975-

Follows six cases from the fifty-year career of brilliant Hong Kong detective Kwan Chun-dok, each from a pivotal period of the territory's history, from Chun-dok's experiences in the 1967 leftist riot to his final 2013 case in a Hong-Kong growing to resemble a police state. Publisher.

Editions:32  Date:2014 - 2018  Genre(s):Detective and mystery fiction, Mystery fiction, Detective and mystery fiction, Thrillers (Fiction)


French concession

by:Xiaobai, 1969-

Tale of espionage and international intrigue set in Shanghai in 1931--an electrifying, decadent world of love, violence, and betrayal filled with femmes fatales, criminals, revolutionaries, and spies.

Editions:31  Date:2011 - 2018  Genre(s):Noir fiction, Noir fiction, Spy fiction, Noir fiction, Thrillers (Fiction)


Waste tide

by:Chen, Qiufan, 1981-

"Mimi is a 'waste girl', a member of the lowest caste on Silicon Isle. Located off China's southeastern coast, Silicon Isle is the global capital for electronic waste recycling, where thousands like Mimi toil day and night, hoping one day they too will enjoy the wealth they've created for their employers, the three clans who have ruled the isle for generations. Luo Jincheng is the head of one of these clans, a role passed down from his father and grandfather before him. As the government enforces tighter restrictions, Luo in turn tightens the reins on the waste workers in his employ. Ruthlessness is his means of survival. Scott Brandle has come to Silicon Isle representing TerraGreen Recycling, an American corporation that stands to earn ungodly sums if they can reach a deal to modernize the island's recycling process. Chen Kaizong, a Chinese American, travels to Silicon Isle as Scott's interpreter. There, Kaizong is hoping to find his heritage, but finds more questions instead. The home he longs for may not exist. As these forces collide, a dark futuristic virus is unleashed on the island, and war erupts between the rich and the poor; between Chinese tradition and American ambition; between humanity's past and its future"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:16  Date:2013 - 2020  Genre(s):Science fiction


The last quarter of the moon

by:Chi, Zijian, 1964-

At the end of the 20th-century an old woman sits among the birch trees and thinks back over her life, her loves, and the joys and tragedies that have befallen her family and her people. She is a member of the Evenki tribe who wander the remote forests of north-eastern China with their herds of reindeer, living in close sympathy with nature at its most beautiful and cruel.

Editions:35  Date:2005 - 2016


Remains of life : a novel

by:Wuhe, 1951-

"On October 27, 1930 during an annual sports meet held at Musha Elementary School on an aboriginal reservation deep in the mountains of Taiwan there occurred a bloody uprising unlike anything Japan had ever witnessed in its colonial history. Before noon the Atayal tribe had summarily slain one hundred and thirty-four Japanese in a headhunting ritual that shook the very foundations of Japan's colonial empire. The Japanese responded to what would later become known as the "Musha Incident" with a militia of three thousand, heavy artillery, airplanes, and internationally banned poisonous gas. The Atayal of Musha were brought to the brink of genocide. Nearly seventy years later, Chen Guocheng, a writer best known by his poetic penname Wu He, or "Dancing Crane," traveled to Musha to investigate the long forgotten Musha Incident and search for the "remains of life"--The survivors of the incident and their descendants. Exploring the impetus behind this disturbing historical event and questioning its legitimacy and accuracy, Wu He walks a tightrope between the primitive and the civilized, beauty and violence, fact and fiction. The result is Remains of Life, a powerful and disturbing literary voyage into perhaps the darkest chapter of Taiwan's colonial history. This one-of-a-kind work is a milestone in Chinese literature and marks the arrival of a major literary voice in the Chinese speaking world. Upon its publication in Taiwan, the novel was awarded virtually every major national literary award including the Taipei Creative Writing Award for Literature, The China Times' Ten Best Books of the Year Award, The United Daily Readers' Choice Award, Ming Pao's Ten Best Books of the Year Award, and the Kingstone Award for Most Influential Book of the Year"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:10  Date:2017  Genre(s):History


The song of King Gesar

by:Alai, 1959-

In this extraordinary retelling by award-winning ethnic Tibetan writer Alai, The Song of King Gesar is brilliantly brought to life. It is one of the world's great epics, as significant for Tibetans as the Odyssey and Iliad for the ancient Greeks, and as the Ramayana and Mahabarata in India. Passed down in song from one generation to the next, it continues to be a living part of the Tibetan culture, and is sung by Tibetan bards even today. Set partly in ancient Tibetan society, where evil spirits mingle with the lives of humans, and partly in modern-day Tibet, The Song of King Gesar tells of two lives inextricably entwined. Gesar, the youngest and bravest of the gods, has been sent down to the human world to defeat the demons that plague the lives of ordinary people and threaten to enslave them. Jigmed is a young shepherd, who is visited by dreams of Gesar, of gods and of ancient battles while he sleeps. So begins an epic journey for both the shepherd and the king. The wilful child of the gods will become Gesar, the warrior-king of Ling, and will unite the nation of Tibet under his reign. And Jigmed will learn to see his troubled country with new eyes, and, as the storyteller chosen by the gods, must face his own destiny.

Editions:17  Date:2009 - 2015


The unbearable dreamworld of Champa the driver

by:Chen, Guanzhong

Sex, Lies, and Rocky Roads. Life is simple for Champa. He has a good job as a chauffeur in his hometown of Lhasa, and if his Chinese boss Plum is a little domineering, well, he can understand that - she's a serious art-collector after all. And he does get to drive her huge Toyota. When he starts to sleep with his boss, life becomes a whole lot more complicated. Suddenly Champa's sex life is beyond his wildest dreams. But then Plum brings home a Tara statue - a statue that shines with exquisite feminine beauty - and suddenly life is not simple at all, as Champa finds himself on the long road to Beijing in search of its inspiration. The Unbearable Dreamworld of Champa the Driver is a rollicking road novel brim-ful of sensuality and danger. Underlying the optimism and humour of its hero is a shocking picture of racism and rough justice in modern Beijing.

Editions:18  Date:2013 - 2015


Displaying 1 to 10 of 8289