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The song of Hiawatha

by:Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882

Longfellow wrote his epic poem The Song of Hiawatha in 1855. He based it on the Ojibway legends, which had been compiled by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft and his Ojibway wife Jane Schoolcraft. It tells the legend of Hiawatha and Minnehaha, his lover.

Editions:704  Date:1186 - 2021  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Poetry, Poetry, Folklore, Juvenile works, Legends

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The blue fairy book

by:Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912

Website includes.

Editions:332  Date:1880 - 2021  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Juvenile works, Folklore

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Call it courage

by:Sperry, Armstrong, 1897-1976

Based on a Polynesian legend, this is the story of a youth who overcomes his fear of the sea and proves his courage to himself and his tribe.

Editions:135  Date:1940 - 2019  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Folklore, Action and adventure fiction, Action and adventure fiction, Folklore


Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears : a West African tale

by:Aardema, Verna

A retelling of a traditional West African tale that reveals how the mosquito developed its annoying habit. A mosquito annoyed the iguana, who frightened the python, who scared the rabbit, and now the whole jungle is in an uproar because the sun won't rise. The animals discuss the situation and decide to punish the mosquito. Even today, whenever we hear a mosquito buzz, we smack it hard!

Editions:82  Date:1975 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Folklore, Folklore, Picture books, Folk literature


Scary stories to tell in the dark

by:Schwartz, Alvin, 1927-1992

Stories of ghosts and witches, "jump" stories, scary songs, and modern-day scary stories.

Editions:93  Date:1981 - 2020  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Horror fiction, Horror fiction, Ghost stories, Juvenile works, Folklore


Stone soup : an old tale

by:Brown, Marcia

When three hungry soldiers come to a town where all the food has been hidden, they set out to make soup of water and stones, and all the town enjoys a feast.

Editions:105  Date:1947 - 2020  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Folklore, Picture books, Anecdotes, Anecdotes


Cinderella; : or, The little glass slipper

by:Perrault, Charles, 1628-1703

In her haste to flee the palace before the fairy godmother's magic loses effect, Cinderella leaves behind a glass slipper.

Editions:110  Date:1820 - 2019  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Folklore, Juvenile works


Arrow to the sun : a Pueblo Indian tale

by:McDermott, Gerald

An adaptation of the Pueblo Indian myth which explains how the spirit of the Lord of the Sun was brought to the world of men.

Editions:90  Date:1971 - 2011  Genre(s):Folklore, Picture books, Picture books, Folklore, Folk literature


The mitten : a Ukrainian folktale

by:Brett, Jan, 1949-

Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki's lost mitten until the bear sneezes.

Editions:51  Date:1989 - 2011  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Folklore, Juvenile works, Folklore, Board books, Folk literature


Puss in boots

by:Perrault, Charles, 1628-1703

A retelling of the French fairy tale in which a clever cat wins his master a fortune and the hand of a princess.

Editions:269  Date:1819 - 2021  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Juvenile works, Fairy tales, Folklore, Picture books

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 11382