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The tale of Genji : a novel in six parts

by:Murasaki Shikibu, 978?-

The Tale of Genji is one of the world's earliest novels, written in the 11th century. The novel's plot centers on the romantic relationships of the noble hero Genji.

Editions:1283  Date:1449 - 2022  Genre(s):Parables, Romances, Romances, Romances, Parables

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by:Hersey, John, 1914-1993

Describes the effect of the bombing of Hiroshima on six survivors of the atomic blast--a file clerk, a widowed seamstress, a physician, a Methodist minister, a young surgeon, and a Catholic priest.

Editions:389  Date:1943 - 2020  Genre(s):History, War fiction, War fiction


Memoirs of a geisha : a novel

by:Golden, Arthur, 1957-

A fisherman's daughter in 1930s Japan rises to become a famous geisha. After training, Sayuri's virginity is sold to the highest bidder, then the school finds her a general for a patron. When he dies, she is reunited with the only man she loved.

Editions:439  Date:1007 - 2021  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, War fiction


Kimi ni todoke = : From me to you : Vol. 1

by:Shiina, Karuho

"Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine ... for a horror movie. Nicknamed "Sadako" after the haunting movie character, everyone is afraid to come near her for fear of being cursed. But underneath her scary exterior lies an ordinary teenager who just wants to make friends. Ever since the near-kiss incident on the school trip, Sawako and Kazehaya have become distant. With Ayane warming to Kento's affections and Chizuru devastated that her friendship with Ryu is beyond repair, does the change of season mean a change of heart?"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:146  Date:2005 - 2018  Type:Young adult  Genre(s):Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Comics (Graphic works), Young adult works, Comics (Graphic works)


The cat who went to heaven

by:Coatsworth, Elizabeth, 1893-1986

In ancient Japan a struggling artist is angered when his housekeeper brings home a tiny white cat he can barely afford to feed.

Editions:102  Date:1464 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Folklore, Folk tales, Folk tales, History


Grandfather's journey

by:Say, Allen

A Japanese American man recounts his grandfather's journey to America which he later also undertakes, and the feelings of being torn by a love for two different countries"

Editions:51  Date:1993 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Picture books, Picture books


Boys over flowers : Hana yori dango : [vol.] 1 =

by:Kamio, Yōko

A girl from a middle class family goes to a private high school dominated by spoiled rich children. Despite constant bullying by many students, she wins the attention of the leader of one of the boys' groups. Eventually the students begin to learn that is more to a person than their wealth.

Editions:321  Date:1992 - 2020  Genre(s):Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Comics (Graphic works), Comic books, strips, etc, Comics (Graphic works)


Shōgun : a novel of Japan

by:Clavell, James

After John Blackthorne shipwrecks in Japan, he makes himself useful to a feudal lord in a power struggle with another and becomes a samurai.

Editions:282  Date:1968 - 2019  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Action and adventure fiction



by:Gibson, William, 1948-

Case, a burned out computer whiz, is asked to steal a security code that is locked in the most heavily guarded databank in the solar system.

Editions:287  Date:1900 - 2021  Genre(s):Science fiction, Cyberpunk fiction, Science fiction, Cyberpunk fiction, Science fiction


Kwaidan : stories and studies of strange things

by:Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904

"Kwaidan" translates from the Japanese as weird tales, which perfectly describes these haunting stories. This collection of supernatural tales includes a musician called upon to perform for the dead, man-eating goblins, and insects who uncannily mimic human behavior. A perfect treat for fans of the strange and otherworldly. It is a unique collection of haunting Japanese supernatural stories written by a Westerner who adopted Japan as his homeland.

Editions:159  Date:1901 - 2021  Genre(s):Fables, Horror fiction, Horror fiction

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 43482