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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

by:Columbus, Chris

Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches.

Editions:409  Date:2000 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG; some scary moments and mild language.  Genre(s):Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Drama, Feature films, Film adaptations


Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

by:Columbus, Chris

Finds young wizard Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine facing new challenges during their second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as they try to uncover a dark force that is terrorizing the school.

Editions:390  Date:1984 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG; for scary moments, some creature violence and mild language.  Genre(s):Fantasy films, Drama, Fantasy films, Feature films, Children's films


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

by:CuarĂ³n, Alfonso

Year three at Hogwarts means new fun and challenges as Harry learns the delicate art of approaching a Hippogriff, transforming shape-shifting Boggarts into hilarity and even turning back time. But the term also brings danger: soul-sucking Dementors hover over the school, an ally of the accursed He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named lurks within the castle walls, and fearsome wizard Sirius Black escapes Azkaban.

Editions:326  Date:1996 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG; for frightening moments, creature violence, and mild language.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Film adaptations


Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

by:Newell, Mike, 1942-

Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests. However, Voldemort's Death Eaters are gaining strength and create the Dark Mark - giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again. In the unsuspecting lives of the students at Hogwarts, the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement: Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry. Now Harry has to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school.

Editions:338  Date:1984 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13; for sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images.  Genre(s):Feature films, Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Action and adventure films, Action and adventure films


The lord of the rings. The return of the king

by:Bloom, Orlando

Frodo makes his way through the darkness to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Aragorn learns of his destiny as the true King and the others prepare for a massive battle that will determine the fate of Middle-Earth.

Editions:193  Date:1980 - 2018  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13; for intense epic battle sequences and frightening images.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Film adaptations, Fantasy films, Feature films


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

by:Yates, David, 1963-

Lord Voldemort has returned, but the ministry of Magic is doing everything it can to keep the wizarding world from knowing the truth. They appoint Ministry official Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. When Umbridge refuses to teach practical defensive magic, Ron and Hermione convince Harry to secretly train a select group of students for the wizarding war that lies ahead. A terrifying showdown between good and evil awaits.

Editions:295  Date:2001 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13; for sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images; CHV rating: PG; not recommended for young children, frightening scenes.  Genre(s):Drama, Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Feature films, Film adaptations


The lord of the rings. The two towers

by:Jackson, Peter, 1961-

Join Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, and brave members of the Fellowship as they continue their quest to destroy the Ring of Power. As darkness descends on Middle-earth, a strange creature named Gollum leads the heroes to the Black Gates of Mordor. The rest of Middle-earth prepares for a battle that will decide the fate of all.

Editions:153  Date:2001 - 2014  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13; for epic battle sequences and some scary images.  Genre(s):Drama, Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Feature films, Feature films


The Wizard of Oz

by:Fleming, Victor, 1889-1949

Dorothy Gale lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. She has a pet dog named Toto. When Miss Gulch takes Toto away, Toto escapes and runs back to Dorothy. Soon, she runs away from home, and runs into the fake psychic, Professor Marvel. He tells Dorothy that Her Auntie Em is sick, so Dorothy and Toto run back home, but a tornado comes and takes Dorothy and Toto to Oz, a place somewhere over the rainbow. She lands in Munchkinland. Her house accidently lands on the Wicked Witch of the West's sister and Dorothy magically inherits the pair of ruby slippers that were on her feet. Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, tells Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road to see the Wizard so she can get back home. Along the way, she befriends Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion. They are also seeking help from the Wizard because the Scarecrow needs a brain, Tinman needs a heart, and Lion needs courage.

Editions:428  Date:1930 - 2019  Rating:MPAA rating: G ; bonus material/trailer not rated; Canadian Home Video rating: G.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, Musical films, Musical films, Fantasy films


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by:Yates, David (1963-....)

Emboldened by the return of Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters are wreaking havoc in both the Muggle and wizarding worlds. Hogwarts, once thought to be a safe haven, may no longer be safe. Harry suspects that new dangers may lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. Harry will have to help him uncover a vital key to unlocking Voldemort's defenses, a critical piece of information known only to Horace Slughorn, Hogwarts' former Potions Professor. Dumbledore manipulates his old colleague into returning to his previous post with promises of more money, a bigger office and the chance to teach the famous Harry Potter.

Editions:234  Date:2005 - 2017  Rating:MPAA rating: PG; for scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Fantasy films, Fantasy films, Action and adventure films


Shrek 2

by:Adamson, Andrew

Right after Shrek and Princess Fiona's honeymoon, the newly wed couple goes to Princess Fiona's parents for dinner. When a Fairy Godmother discovers Fiona and Shrek are married she reminds the king about a deal they agreed on years ago, that Fiona should have married her son, who happens to be Prince Charming. The King then hires a cat named Puss-in-Boots, a sword fighting cat and ogre slayer, to kill Shrek.

Editions:240  Date:2001 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Rating:MPAA rating: PG; for some crude humor, a brief substance reference and some suggestive content.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, Children's films, Juvenile works, Fantasy films


Displaying 1 to 10 of 4971