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by:More, Thomas, Saint, 1478-1535

First published in 1516, Saint Thomas More's Utopia is a work of European humanism. Through the voice of the mysterious traveler Raphael Hythloday, More describes a pagan, communist city-state governed by reason.

Editions:1686  Date:1516 - 2021  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction

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Looking backward, 2000-1887

by:Bellamy, Edward, 1850-1898

Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward (1888) is a thunderous indictment of industrial capitalism and a resplendent vision of life in a socialist utopia. Matthew Beaumont's lively edition explores the political and psychological peculiarities of this celebrated utopian fiction. ;'No person can be blamed for refusing to read another word of what promises to be a mere imposition upon his credulity.' Julian West, a feckless aristocrat living in fin-de-siècle Boston, plunges into a deep hypnotic sleep in 1887 and wakes up in the year 2000. America has been turned into a rigorously centralized democratic society in which everything is controlled by a humane and efficient state. In little more than a hundred years the horrors of nineteenth-century capitalism have been all but forgotten. The squalid slums of Boston have been replaced by broad streets, and technological inventions have transformed people's everyday lives. Exiled from the past, West excitedly settles into the ideal society of the future, while still fearing that he has dreamt up his experiences as a time traveller.

Editions:611  Date:1850 - 2021  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Science fiction

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Erewhon, or, Over the range

by:Butler, Samuel, 1835-1902

In the strange country of Erewhon, sick people are imprisoned while criminals are treated for sickness. Machines are are considered too dangerous to use. This subtle satire of Victorian society is still as thought-provoking and entertaining as when it was first

Editions:686  Date:1872 - 2022  Genre(s):Satire, Satirical literature, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Satirical literature

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The Republic


A literal translation from the Oxford text, with an interpretive essay which attempts to approach Plato's intention.

Editions:374  Date:1852 - 2021  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction




New translation of Plato's Republic.

Editions:314  Date:1897 - 2016  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction


The Republic of Plato


A model for the ideal state includes discussion of the nature and application of justice, the role of the philosopher in society, the goals of education, and the effects of art upon character.

Editions:562  Date:1852 - 2019  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction

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Lost horizon

by:Hilton, James, 1900-1954

Fleeing war-torn China, a small planeload of people is hijacked to an idyllic valley in the Himalayas where time has virtually stopped. There Conway, a British diplomat, falls in love with a beautiful woman, and is asked to remain in Shangri-La as its new leader.

Editions:371  Date:1933 - 2020  Genre(s):Fantasy fiction, Utopian fiction, Fantasy fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction


The republic


The Republic is Plato's most famous work and one of the seminal texts of Western philosophy and politics. The characters in this Socratic dialogue - including Socrates himself - discuss whether the just or unjust man is happier. They are the philosopher-kings of imagined cities and they also discuss the nature of philosophy and the soul among other things.

Editions:159  Date:1871 - 2021  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction

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by:Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935

One the eve of WWI, three American male explorers stumble onto an all-female society somewhere in the distant reaches of the earth. Unable to believe their eyes, they promptly set out to find some men, convinced that since this is a civilized country--there must be men.

Editions:186  Date:1915 - 2021  Genre(s):Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Utopian fiction, Black humor (Literature), Black humor

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The first men in the moon

by:Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946

A pair of unlikely explorers journey to the moon in this imaginative tale of science and adventure from the author of The War of the Worlds Hounded by creditors, Mr. Bedford retreats to a remote English village, where he meets the eccentric Mr. Cavor. Though he may not look it, Cavor is a genius and one of the world's greatest inventors. His breakthrough is cavorite, an astonishing new substance manufactured from helium that is not bound by the laws of gravity. Bedford immediately sees the business potential of Cavor's creation, reckoning a ship made of cavorite could take him the moon--the first step on a path to riches beyond his wildest dreams. When Bedford and Cavor set out for the moon in a cavorite sphere, they find the Earth's satellite to be more wonderful than either of them ever imagined. But they soon discover they are not alone on the lush lunar surface--and the natives are not exactly friendly. A thrilling adventure story that offers fascinating insights into the nature of mankind, The First Men in the Moon is a timeless classic from "the father of modern science fiction." This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Editions:403  Date:1890 - 2021  Genre(s):Science fiction, Science fiction, Science fiction, Satire, Utopian fiction

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 804