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Aesop's fables


Juvenile fiction.

Editions:1672  Date:1221 - 2017  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works

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Animal farm

by:Orwell, George, 1903-1950

A satire on totalitarianism in which farm animals overthrow their human owner and set up their own government.

Editions:550  Date:1945 - 2014  Genre(s):Political fiction, Political fiction, Satire, Fables, Fables



by:Lobel, Arnold

Twenty original fables about an array of animal characters from crocodile to ostrich.

Editions:52  Date:1976 - 2007  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fables, Fables


Seven blind mice

by:Young, Ed

In this retelling of the Indian fable, seven blind mice discover different parts of an elephant and argue about its appearance.

Editions:77  Date:1991 - 2013  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Stories in rhyme, Stories in rhyme, Folklore

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Chanticleer and the fox

by:Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400

A sly fox tries to outwit a proud rooster through the use of flattery.

Editions:66  Date:1948 - 1997  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works


Once a mouse- - : a fable cut in wood

by:Brown, Marcia

As it changes from mouse, to cat, to dog, to tiger, a hermit's pet also becomes increasingly vain.

Editions:31  Date:1961 - 1989  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fables, Fables


The lion & the mouse

by:Pinkney, Jerry

In this wordless retelling of an Aesop fable set in the African Serengeti, an adventuresome mouse proves that even small creatures are capable of great deeds when she rescues the King of the Jungle--Résumé de l'éditeur.

Editions:16  Date:2007 - 2012  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fables, Fables, Pictorial works, Stories without words



by:Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.

"Ovid is, after Homer, the single most important source for classical mythology. The Metamorphoses, which he wrote over the six-year period leading up to his exile from Rome in 8 a.d., is the primary source for over two hundred classical legends that survived to the twenty-first century. Many of the most familiar classical myths, including the stories of Apollo and Daphne and Pyramus and Thisbe, come directly from Ovid. The Metamorphoses is a twelve-thousand-line poem, written in dactylic hexameters and arranged loosely in chronological order from the beginning of the universe's creation to the Augustan Rome of Ovid's own time. The major theme of the Metamorphoses, as the title suggests, is metamorphosis, or change. Throughout the fifteen books making up the Metamorphoses, the idea of change is pervasive. Gods are continually transforming their own selves and shapes, as well as the shapes and beings of humans. The theme of power is also ever-present in Ovid's work. The gods as depicted by the Roman poets are wrathful, vengeful, capricious creatures who are forever turning their powers against weaker mortals and half-mortals, especially females. Ovid's own situation as a poet who was exiled because of Augustus's capriciousness is thought by many to be reflected in his depictions of the relationships between the gods and humans."--Http:// (Jan. 24, 2011.).

Editions:73  Date:1955 - 1990  Genre(s):Poetry


Fables of Æsop, according to Sir Roger L'Estrange


"This book combines the 1692 translation of the Fables by English journalist Sir Roger L'Estrange with 50 drawings created especially as illustration for the tales by American sculptor, painter, and illustrator Alexander Calder. ... Two hundred and one of the traditional fables are narrated here"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:339  Date:1484 - 2016  Genre(s):Illustrated works, Fables, Fables

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Rabbit's gift : a fable from China

by:Shannon, George

Woodland animals, each thinking of his neighbor, share a turnip left on their doorstep.

Editions:4  Date:2007  Genre(s):Folklore


Displaying 1 to 10 of 2979