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It happened one night

by:Capra, Frank, 1897-1991

A rich young woman marries an idle playboy against her father's will. Her father holds her captive on his yacht but she escapes and, while on her way to New York, becomes entangled with an unemployed news reporter.

Editions:153  Date:1934 - 2017  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, Film adaptations, Comedy films, Comedy films


Drums along the Mohawk

by:Ford, John, 1894-1973

A historical drama that tells the story of a young frontier leader, his spirited wife, and their struggles in the backwoods of New York state.

Editions:66  Date:1939 - 2014  Rating:MPAA rating: Not rated.  Genre(s):History, Drama, Feature films, Film adaptations, Historical films


The Palm Beach story

by:Sturges, Preston, 1898-1959

A young wife leaves her husband and heads for Palm Beach where she meets one of the world's richest men. When the husband shows up to reclaim his wife, the millionaire's man-mad sister falls for him.

Editions:59  Date:1940 - 2011  Rating:MPAA rating: Not rated.  Genre(s):Comedy films, Comedy films, Feature films, Comedy films, Feature films


Imitation of life

1934 version: Two single mothers join together to form a successful business, but find that material success does nothing to stabilize their personal lives.

Editions:6  Date:1934 - 2012  Rating:Not rated by the MPAA.  Genre(s):Drama, Film adaptations, Feature films, Video recordings for the hearing impaired, Feature films


Since you went away

by:Cromwell, John

The Hiltons are an average family living in a Midwestern town. The father of the household has waived his 3A status and enlisted to go overseas. His wife must now act as father and mother to their two daughters and keep their father's memory alive.

Editions:27  Date:1944 - 2017  Rating:Not rated by the MPAA.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, War films, War films, War films


Imitation of life

by:Sirk, Douglas, (1897-1987)

1934 version: Two single mothers join together to form a successful business, but find that material success does nothing to stabilize their personal lives.

Editions:41  Date:1934 - 2017  Rating:Not rated by the MPAA.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Film adaptations, Feature films, Romance films



by:Leisen, Mitchell, 1898-1972

A penniless showgirl, impersonating a Hungarian countess, quickly adapts to her new lifestyle with the help of an aristocrat. But she finds herself falling in love with yet another poor man.

Editions:35  Date:1930 - 2016  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, Comedy films, Romantic comedy films, Romantic comedy films


Boom town

by:Conway, Jack, 1887-1952

In search of black-gold fortunes, two men will dream, scheme and team up to become rich. Things between the friends get rough, as one man steals the love of a woman from the other.

Editions:18  Date:1940 - 2013  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Drama, Comedy films, Feature films, Romantic comedy films, Romantic comedy films


So proudly we hail!

The true story of the lives of three U.S. Army nurses who leave San Francisco for their tour of duty in Hawaii in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes their destination, and their lives. Led by Lt. Janet Davidson, the nurses are sent to Bataan, in the Philippines. Faced with untested nurses, the group quickly become battle-weary veterans. When Bataan falls, the American forces flee to the offshore island of Corregidor, where they find the Japanese assault just as intense.

Editions:7  Date:1943 - 2007  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, War films, Feature films, War films


Three came home

During World War II, the Far East island of Borneo is captured by the Japanese. Based on true events, this is the story of American author Agnes Newton Keith, who along with her husband, a British administrator, is arrested. Their family is separated and placed into different prison camps. The camp commander takes an avid interest in the authoress, but does not intervene when she is subject to torture, starvation and humiliation at the hands of the guards. Told in agonizing detail, this is the story of her confinement and attempt at escape.

Editions:44  Date:1949 - 2012  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, War films, War films, Biographical films


Displaying 1 to 10 of 105