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The tale of Genji : a novel in six parts

by:Murasaki Shikibu, 978?-

The Tale of Genji is one of the world's earliest novels, written in the 11th century. The novel's plot centers on the romantic relationships of the noble hero Genji.

Editions:1120  Date:1537 - 2019  Genre(s):Parables, Romances, Romances, Parables, Romances

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French folktales from the collection of Henri Pourrat

by:Pourrat, Henri, 1887-1959

"Pantheon fairy tale and folktale library." Over 100 tales of local legend, fairy tales, etc. from rural France.

Editions:54  Date:1948 - 2010  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works


Flowers of grass

by:Fukunaga, Takehiko, 1918-1979

"Outside Tokyo, a tuberculosis sanatorium in the village of K has a six-bed ward that the narrator, an aspiring poet, shares with a student of linguistics and budding writer named Shiomi. After the stubborn Shiomi insists on undergoing a dangerous surgical procedure and dies in the process, two notebooks turn up in his bedsheets. Flowers of grass unfolds as the narrator reads these two notebooks, asking himself if Shiomi's death was a sort of suicide, and learning the details of his late friend's two great loves: for a brother and sister, both of whom reject him."--Book cover.

Editions:40  Date:1954 - 2014


Mistress Oriku : stories from a Tokyo teahouse

by:Kawaguchi, Matsutarō, 1899-1985

Presenting a translation of a contemporary Japanese novel set in Meiji-era Japan, this work instructs young people in the arts of love, and helps solve the romantic dilemmas of some of Tokyo's most famous citizens.

Editions:25  Date:1969 - 2013


The glass slipper and other stories

by:Yasuoka, Shōtarō, 1920-2013

"In addition to "The Glass Slipper," this collection contains eight other stories held together by a common thread of self-perception. Yasuoka writes from the belief that the self has such depths that at times it can appear to be illusory. Set against the chaotic backdrop of the era running from before World War II to just after its end, these stories are infused with a timeless sense of novelty and humor."--Jacket.

Editions:18  Date:1951 - 2008  Genre(s):Short stories


The tale of the Heike

by:Tyler, Royall

"With a reflection on the fleeting nature of power and glory begins The Tale of the Heike, an epic from twelfth-century Japan. Comparable in stature to The Tale of Genji, The Tale of the Heike narrates with wit, energy, and compassion the stories of such unforgettable characters as the ruthless warlord Kiyomori, who dies still burning with such rage that water poured on him boils; Hotoke, the beautiful young dancer who renounces wealth and fame to follow her conscience; Shigemori, the tyrant's righteous son, who struggles against all odds to uphold fairness and justice; and Yoshitsune, the daring commander who defeats the enemy in battle after battle, only to be condemned by his jealous, powerful brother. The Tale of the Heike is a foundation stone of Japanese culture and a major masterpiece of world literature. Lavishly illustrated and accompanied by maps, character guides, and genealogies."--Publisher.

Editions:18  Date:2012 - 2018  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, War fiction, War stories


The tale of Genji : abridged

by:Murasaki Shikibu, 978?-

The original novel--a classic of Japanese and world literature and a stunningly beautiful story Written in the eleventh century, this exquisite portrait of courtly life in medieval Japan is widely celebrated as the world's first novel--and is certainly one of its finest. Genji, the Shining Prince, son of an emperor, is a passionate character whose tempestuous nature, family circumstances, love affairs, alliances, and shifting political fortunes form the core of this magnificent epic. Royall Tyler's superb translation is detailed, poetic, and true to the Japanese original while allowing the English reader to appreciate its timeless beauty. In this deftly abridged edition, Tyler focuses on the early chapters, which vividly evoke Genji as a young man and leave him at his first moment of triumph. This edition also includes detailed notes, glossaries, character lists, and chronologies.

Editions:7  Date:2006 - 2012


The Ise stories = : Ise monogatari

Editions:6  Date:2010


Pining wind : a cycle of Nō plays

Editions:6  Date:1978  Genre(s):Drama, Nō plays, Drama, Nō plays


Granny mountains : a cycle of Nō plays : the second of two volumes

by:Tyler, Royall

Editions:4  Date:1978 - 1992


Displaying 1 to 10 of 18