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Animal farm

by:Orwell, George, 1903-1950

A satire on totalitarianism in which farm animals overthrow their human owner and set up their own government.

Editions:1956  Date:1900 - 2019  Genre(s):Political fiction, Political fiction, Fables, Satire, Fables


Charlotte's web

by:White, E. B

Wilbur, the pig, is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner until his spider friend, Charlotte, decides to help him.

Editions:308  Date:1952 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Folklore, Fantasy fiction


The very busy spider

by:Carle, Eric, 1929-

The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she persists and produces a thing of both beauty and usefulness. The pictures may be felt as well as seen.

Editions:117  Date:1969 - 2017  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Toy and movable books, Tactile works, Juvenile works, Textured books, Textured books


The tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

by:Potter, Beatrix, 1866-1943

Relates how the barnyard collie and pups rescued Jemima Puddle-Duck from the fox's cooking pot.

Editions:249  Date:1000 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works

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Farmer duck

by:Waddell, Martin, (1941- ...).

When a kind and hardworking duck nearly collapses from overwork, while taking care of a farm because the owner is too lazy to do so, the rest of the animals get together and chase the farmer out of town.

Editions:267  Date:1991 - 2096  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Picture books, Picture books


Click, clack, moo : cows that type

by:Cronin, Doreen

When Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter in the barn they start making demands, and go on strike when the farmer refuses to give them what they want.

Editions:107  Date:1997 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Picture books, Humorous fiction


Ox-cart man

by:Donald Hall

Describes the day-to-day life of an early nineteenth-century New England family throughout the changing seasons.

Editions:57  Date:1978 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Picture books, Picture books


Giggle, giggle, quack

by:Cronin, Doreen

When Farmer Brown goes on vacation, leaving his brother Bob in charge, Duck makes trouble by changing all his instructions to notes the animals like much better.

Editions:69  Date:2000 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Humorous fiction, Picture books, Humorous fiction, Humorous fiction


Animal farm

by:Orwell, George, 1903-1950

When the animals at Manor Farm revolt against their master, their goal is to establish an ideal community based on hard work, honesty, and the equality of all animals. Animal Farm, as they rename it, briefly fulfills the ideal. But soon, through manipulation and aggression by those who assume power, the farm's founding principles are slowly eroded and abolished.

Editions:190  Date:1900 - 2014  Genre(s):Fables, Satire, Political fiction, Political fiction, Allegories


Big red barn

by:Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952

Rhymed text and illustrations introduce the many different animals that live in the big red barn.

Editions:51  Date:1954 - 2011  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Stories in rhyme, Picture books, Stories in rhyme, Board books


Displaying 1 to 10 of 3200