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By the shores of Silver Lake

by:Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Ma and the girls follow Pa west by train where they make their home at a rough railroad camp and plan for their own homestead.

Editions:150  Date:1931 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


The long winter

by:Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

After an October blizzard, Laura's family moves from the claim shanty into town for the winter, a winter that an Indian has predicted will be seven months of bad weather.

Editions:148  Date:1940 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Historical fiction, Autobiographical fiction, Autobiographical fiction, Historical fiction


Little town on the prairie

by:Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Pa's homestead thrives, Laura gets her first job in town, blackbirds eat the corn and oats crops, Mary goes to college, and Laura gets into trouble at school, but becomes a certified school teacher.

Editions:160  Date:1933 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


These happy golden years

by:Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Fifteen-year-old Laura learns that living away from home and teaching school can be a bit frightening when most of the students are taller than she is, but every week Almonzo Wilder arrives to take her to her family for the weekend.

Editions:140  Date:1941 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


Dances with wolves

by:Costner, Kevin

Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar wants to see the American frontier before it is gone. He is assigned to an abandoned fort, where a sioux tribe is his only neighbor.

Editions:245  Date:1961 - 2018  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13.  Genre(s):Feature films, Drama, Western films, Western films, Historical films


The first four years

by:Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

During their first four years of marriage, Laura and Almanzo Wilder have a child and fight a losing battle in their attempts to succeed at farming on the South Dakota prairie

Editions:96  Date:1953 - 2016  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Historical fiction, Western fiction, Historical fiction


Legacy : a novel

by:Steel, Danielle

This compelling, centuries spanning novel brilliantly interweaves the lives of two women, a writer working in the heart of modern academia and a daring young Sioux Indian on an incredible journey in the eighteenth century. The result is an unforgettable story of courage in the face of the unknown.

Editions:79  Date:2010 - 2019  Genre(s):History, Domestic fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


61 hours

by:Child, Lee

A tour bus crashes in a savage snowstorm and lands Jack Reacher in the middle of a deadly confrontation. In nearby Bolton, South Dakota, one brave woman is standing up for justice in a small town threatened by sinister forces--and Reacher will risk his own to save her from a coldly proficient assassin who never misses.

Editions:101  Date:2006 - 2017  Genre(s):Thrillers (Fiction), Suspense fiction, Thrillers (Fiction), Detective and mystery fiction


Giants in the earth : a saga of the prairie

by:Rølvaag, O. E. (Ole Edvart), 1876-1931

Saga of the prairies dealing with the hardships of Norwegian farmers who set out in 1873 to settle in the Dakota country.

Editions:170  Date:1900 - 2100  Genre(s):Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


Picture perfect

by:Picoult, Jodi, 1966-

Cassie Barrett and Alex Rivers had a fairy-tale wedding, but once they returned to Hollywood, a troubling pattern began to emerge. Should Cassie stay or leave?

Editions:77  Date:1994 - 2015  Genre(s):Domestic fiction, Domestic fiction, Psychological fiction, Psychological fiction


Displaying 1 to 10 of 735