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The red tent

by:Diamant, Anita

The story of Dinah, a tragic character from the Bible whose great love, a prince, is killed by her brother, leaving her alone and pregnant. The novel traces her life from childhood to death, in the process examining sexual and religious practices of the day, and what it meant to be a woman.

Editions:153  Date:1997 - 2017  Genre(s):Religious fiction, Religious fiction, Bible fiction


Joseph and his brothers

by:Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955

Retells the biblical story of Joseph, whose brothers' jealousy leads to his enslavement in Egypt.

Editions:395  Date:1900 - 2018  Genre(s):Bible fiction, Biographical fiction, Bible fiction, Bible fiction


Christ the Lord : the road to Cana : a novel

by:Rice, Anne, 1941-

Anne Rice's second book in her life of Christ series begins during his last winter before his baptism in the Jordan and concludes with the miracle at Cana.--From publisher description.

Editions:48  Date:1984 - 2013  Genre(s):Christian fiction, Biographical fiction, Bible fiction


John's story : the last eyewitness

by:LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Ninety-year-old John, the last surviving apostle, remembers his broken life before befriending Jesus and is called upon to write a gospel that definitively establishes Jesus as the Son of God.

Editions:28  Date:1982 - 2014  Genre(s):Biographical fiction, Christian fiction, Biographical fiction, Biographical fiction, Bible fiction



by:Saramago, José

"In this, his last novel, Saramago daringly reimagines the characters and narratives of the Bible through the story of Cain. Condemned to wander forever after he kills Abel, he is whisked around in time and space. He experiences the almost-sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Joshua at the battle of Jericho, Job's ordeal, and finally Noah's ark and the Flood. And over and over again Cain encounters an unjust, even cruel God. A startling, beautifully written, and powerful book, in all ways a fitting end to Saramago's extraordinary career"-- Provided by publisher.

Editions:111  Date:2009 - 2016  Genre(s):Bible fiction, Bible fiction, Humorous fiction, Historical fiction


The hidden flame

by:Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-

In first-century Judea, Abigail together with her fellow followers of the Way face a gathering storm of persecution they never could have foreseen but find a glimmer of hope through their faith and courage to survive.

Editions:22  Date:2010 - 2011  Genre(s):Bible fiction, Christian fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction


Mark's story : the gospel according to Peter

by:LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Overhearing Jesus' prophecies of events to come and witnessing such events as Judas' betrayal, Peter's denial, and the Resurrection, Mark becomes a devoted disciple of Christianity and urges Peter to recount to him the story of Jesus' life on earth.

Editions:20  Date:1982 - 2014  Genre(s):Biographical fiction, Christian fiction, Biographical fiction, Biographical fiction, Bible fiction


The Damascus way

by:Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-

In this riveting drama of the early church, Jacob, a young caravan guard, delivers messages among the new followers as he learns what it means to be a Christian--and to love and trust the young Greek girl who is neither accepted by the Jews or the Gentiles.

Editions:14  Date:2010 - 2012  Genre(s):Bible fiction, Bible fiction, Bible fiction, Christian fiction, Christian fiction


Matthew's story : from sinner to saint

by:LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Portrays the story of how Levi the tax collector became Matthew, the apostle of Jesus Christ and one of the great authors of the Gospels.

Editions:20  Date:2010 - 2014  Genre(s):Biographical fiction, Christian fiction, Biographical fiction, Biographical fiction, Bible fiction


The priest : a novella

by:Rivers, Francine, 1947-

Presents a fictionalized account of the life of Aaron, a biblical priest who devoted himself to serving God without thought of personal reward. Includes a Bible study.

Editions:19  Date:2004  Genre(s):Religious fiction, Religious fiction, Biographical fiction, Christian fiction, Bible fiction


Displaying 1 to 10 of 343