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by:Forman, Miloš

Adapted from Shaffer's play, the film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer obsessed with and jealous of the musical genius of the age: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Editions:336  Date:1942 - 2016  Rating:MPAA rating: R; CHV rating: 14A.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Biographical films, Biographical films, Historical films


Elizabeth : the Golden Age

by:Kapur, Shekhar, 1945-

1585: Philip II's Catholic Spain is the most powerful empire in the world. Only England, ruled by Protestant Elizabeth, stands against him. The Queen is threatened by a depleted treasury, constant threats of assassination, and plots by Philip to install her cousin, Queen Mary of Scotland, on her throne. To which end a great armada is poised to invade England--as punishment for the capture of his treasure-ships, and to make Europe safe for Catholicism--even as Elizabeth's attention is diverted to Sir Walter Raleigh, returned from the New World with two gifts: the territory of Virginia and tobacco. Facing her greatest challenge, Elizabeth must rally her country to safeguard her kingdom, destroy her enemies, and secure her position as "Mother to her people."

Editions:323  Date:1998 - 2016  Rating:MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13; for violence, some sexuality and nudity.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Historical films, Historical films, Biographical films


A beautiful mind

by:Howard, Ron, 1954-

Dramatic biography of John Nash, a mathematical genius, who made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But the handsome and arrogant Nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery. After many years of struggle, he eventually triumphed over his schizophrenia, and finally, late in life, received the Nobel Prize.

Editions:278  Date:1999 - 2016  Rating:MPAA rating: PG-13.  Genre(s):Biographical films, Biographical films, Drama, Feature films, Film adaptations



by:Attenborough, Richard

Chronicles the life of Gandhi beginning with his political activities in South Africa during the late 1890's and ending with his assassination at the hands of a Hindu extremist in 1948. Shows the development of his philosophy of non-violence as he leads the people of India to independence from the British.

Editions:317  Date:1981 - 2015  Rating:MPAA rating: PG.  Genre(s):Feature films, Biographical films, Biographical films, Drama, Historical films


The miracle worker

by:Penn, Arthur, 1922-2010

A dramatization of the story about the struggle of a Boston teacher, Annie Sullivan, to communicate with and teach the deaf, blind, and mute child, Helen Keller.

Editions:137  Date:1962 - 2017  Rating:Not rated by MPAA ; Canadian Home Video rating: G.  Genre(s):Drama, Biographical films, Biographical films, Feature films, Feature films


The Pianist

by:Polanski, Roman

Based on the memoirs of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew, who was a brilliant pianist. He watched as his family was shipped off to Nazi labor camps. He managed to escape and lived for years in the ruins of Warsaw, hiding from the Nazis.

Editions:337  Date:1939 - 2016  Rating:MPAA rating: R, for violence and brief strong language.  Genre(s):Drama, Biographical films, Biographical films, Feature films, Feature films


Lawrence of Arabia

by:Lean, David, 1908-1991

The story of T.E. Lawrence, the heroic and troubled man who organized the Arab nations to fight the Turks in World War I and then, having reached a pinnacle of power in Mideast politics, retired to postwar military obscurity.

Editions:271  Date:1962 - 2017  Rating:Rated PG.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Biographical films, Biographical films, Historical films


Bonnie and Clyde

by:Penn, Arthur, 1922-2010

A mixture of comedy and brutal violence, this film is based on the exploits of the notorious American outlaws of the 1930's, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Editions:231  Date:1959 - 2016  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Gangster films, Gangster films, Biographical films


The King's Speech

by:Hooper, Tom, 1972-

"The King's Speech" presents a sideways glance at a crucial period in 20th-century history--as the monumentally awkward Prince Albert, or Bertie, becomes King George VI unexpectedly in 1936 when his older brother Edward VIII abdicates to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson. In imperial Britain between the wars, that was problem enough, but Bertie suffered from a chronic stammer that made his public appearances painful for everyone. In an age of radio, the monarch has become a symbol, which means that the King speaks to his people--regularly. Bertie and his wife, the high-spirited Princess Elizabeth find their way to an Australian-born speech therapist and amateur actor named Lionel Logue. Logue isn't a doctor, has no academic credentials, and is viewed by proper authorities as a charlatan. Oddly enough, each of these men is a desperate misfit badly in need of a new friend and a bit more self-esteem. A real friend, it seems, was exactly the medicine the future king required.

Editions:185  Date:1985 - 2016  Rating:MPAA rating: Rated R for some language.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, Historical films, Historical films, Biographical films



by:Schaffner, Franklin J.

Story of General Patton in World War II whose military brilliance was balanced by his inability to deal with the social and political aspects of war, causing him difficulties in his dealings with the War Department.

Editions:207  Date:1969 - 2015  Rating:MPAA rating: PG.  Genre(s):Drama, Feature films, War films, War films, Biographical films


Displaying 1 to 10 of 6876