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The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come

by:Bunyan, John, 1628-1688

The pilgrim Christian forsakes the world in order to undertake the dangerous journey to the Celestial City, experiencing numerous crises and temptations along the way.

Editions:2905  Date:0001 - 2020  Genre(s):Christian fiction, Christian fiction, Allegories, Allegories

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by:Wallace, Lew, 1827-1905

Details how a wealthy young Jewish man and his family, who are all experiencing changing fortunes under Roman tyranny, are affected by the life and teachings of a Nazarene named Jesus Christ.

Editions:1655  Date:0001 - 2020  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Christian fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction

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Death comes for the archbishop .

by:Cather, Willa, 1873-1947

In 1851 French Bishop Latour and his friend Father Valliant are dispatched to New Mexico to reawaken its slumbering Catholicism. Moving along the endless prairies, Latour spreads his faith the only way he knows-- gently, although he must contend with the unforgiving landscape, derelict and sometimes openly rebellious priests, and his own loneliness. Over nearly 40 years, they leave converts and enemies, crosses, and occasionally ecstasy in their wake. But it takes a death for them to make their mark on the landscape forever.

Editions:390  Date:1900 - 2019  Genre(s):Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Christian fiction, Allegories


Quo Vadis

by:Sienkiewicz, Henryk, 1846-1916

Gladiators duel to the death. As Nero's horrific plans for the Christians become ever clearer, time appears to be running out for the young lovers. Vinicius must come to understand the true meaning of Ligia's religion before it is too late. Against the unfolding of this dramatic saga stands ancient Rome. From the Forum to the Coliseum, from banquet halls to summer retreats in Naples, from the glorious houses of the nobility to the hovels of the poor, Quo Vadis captures.

Editions:1951  Date:1887 - 2020  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Christian fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction

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The power and the glory

by:Greene, Graham, 1904-1991

Set in Mexico, this novel describes the desperate last wanderings of a whisky priest as outlaw in his own state, who, despite a sense of his own worthlessness (he drinks and has fathered a bastard daughter), is determined to continue to function as priest until captured.

Editions:874  Date:1940 - 2019  Genre(s):Christian fiction, Christian fiction


A prayer for Owen Meany : a novel

by:Irving, John, 1942-

In the summer of 1953, two 11-year-old boys--best friends--are playing in a Little League baseball game in New Hampshire. One of the boys hits a foul ball that kills his best friend's mother. Owen Meany believes he didn't hit the ball by accident. He believes he is God's instrument. What happens to Owen after 1953 is extraordinary and terrifying. He is Irving's most heartbreaking hero.

Editions:226  Date:1985 - 2018  Genre(s):Psychological fiction, Religious fiction, Psychological fiction, Religious fiction, Christian fiction


The Screwtape letters : with, Screwtape proposes a toast

by:Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963

In this humorous and perceptive exchange between two devils, Lewis delves into moral questions about good vs. evil, temptation, repentance, and grace.

Editions:162  Date:1942 - 2016  Genre(s):Satirical literature, Christian fiction, History


The heart of the matter

by:Greene, Graham, 1904-1991

Set in West Africa, this is the story of Scobie, an assistant police commissioner, and his personal and professional corruption.

Editions:566  Date:0001 - 2018  Genre(s):Psychological fiction, Psychological fiction, Christian fiction, Religious fiction, Christian fiction


At home in Mitford

by:Karon, Jan, 1937-

A portrait of the mysteries and miracles of everyday life introduces the small North Carolina town of Mitford and its colorful inhabitants, including Tim, a bachelor rector, who is falling in love with his neighbor.

Editions:80  Date:1953 - 2016  Genre(s):Christian fiction, Domestic fiction, Domestic fiction, Christian fiction


Gilead : a novel

by:Robinson, Marilynne

In 1956, toward the end of Reverend John Ames's life, he begins a letter to his young son, an account of himself and his forebears. Ames is the son of an Iowan preacher and the grandson of a minister who, as a young man in Maine, saw a vision of Christ bound in chains and came west to Kansas to fight for abolition: He "preached men into the Civil War," then, at age fifty, became a chaplain in the Union Army, losing his right eye in battle. Reverend Ames writes to his son about the tension between his father--an ardent pacifist--and his grandfather, whose pistol and bloody shirts, concealed in an army blanket, may be relics from the fight between the abolitionists and those settlers who wanted to vote Kansas into the union as a slave state. And he tells a story of the sacred bonds between fathers and sons, which are tested in his tender and strained relationship with his namesake, John Ames Boughton, his best friend's wayward son. This is also the tale of another remarkable vision--not a corporeal vision of God but the vision of life as a wondrously strange creation. It tells how wisdom was forged in Ames's soul during his solitary life, and how history lives through generations, pervasively present even when betrayed and forgotten.

Editions:158  Date:1919 - 2020  Genre(s):Christian fiction, Domestic fiction, Domestic fiction, Epistolary fiction, Christian fiction


Displaying 1 to 10 of 30837