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Les misérables

by:Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885

The novel traces the life of Jean-Valjean, a 19th century Parisian peasant who steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving children, and thereby becomes criminalized as a convict. The story of how he struggles to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity, in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance, has become a powerful social document and the gospel of the poor and the oppressed.

Editions:3087  Date:1051 - 2019  Genre(s):Historical fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction, Historical fiction

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by:Joyce, James, 1882-1941

Serialized first in the Little Review in 1918 and published first in Paris in 1922, although its censorship for obscenity in America and England were not lifted until the mid-1930sIn terms of its story it defies abridgement or explanation except that it all takes place on one day, 16 June 1904, or Bloomsday, which was the anniversary of Joyces first walk with his beloved Nora Barnacle. It (very) loosely follows the episodes of Ulysses from the Odyssey of Homer though in a reordered form, with Stephen Dedalus representing Telemachus, Leopold Bloom Ulysses and Molly Bloom Penelope. The central characters explore various sites and happenings around Dublin such as a newspaper office, a brothel, a funeral, and public houses.

Editions:1746  Date:0919 - 2020  Genre(s):Domestic fiction, Psychological fiction, Domestic fiction, Psychological fiction, Epic fiction

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Doctor Zhivago

by:Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, 1890-1960

Comprehensive picture of pre revolutionary upper-class Russian society and the revolutionary transition. Deals with the life of an intellectual and his heroic effort to preserve his capacity for reflection.

Editions:969  Date:1900 - 2019  Genre(s):History, Political fiction, Historical fiction, Epic fiction, Romance fiction


One hundred years of solitude

by:García Márquez, Gabriel, 1927-2014

The rise and fall, birth and death, of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendia family.

Editions:237  Date:1966 - 2018  Genre(s):Epic fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction, Magic realist fiction, Magic realist fiction


The Silmarillion

by:Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973

The story of the creation of the world and of the First Age, this is the ancient drama to which the characters in The Lord of the Rings look back and in whose events some of them, such as Elrond and Galadriel, took part. The three Silmarils were jewels created by Fëanor, most gifted of the Elves. Within them was imprisoned the Light of the Two Trees of Valinor before the Trees themselves were destroyed by Morgoth, the first Dark Lord. Thereafter, the unsullied Light of Valinor lived on only in the Silmarils, but they were seized by Morgoth and set in his crown, which was guarded in the impenetrable fortress of Angband in the north of Middle-earth. The Silmarillion is the history of the rebellion of Fëanor and his kindred against the gods, their exile from Valinor and return to Middle-earth, and their war, hopeless despite all their heroism, against the great Enemy.

Editions:589  Date:1973 - 2019  Genre(s):Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction


The Pillars of the earth

by:Follett, Ken

Set in twelfth-century England, this epic of kings and peasants juxtaposes the building of a magnificent church with the violence and treachery that often characterized the Middle Ages.

Editions:436  Date:1987 - 2018  Genre(s):History, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Epic fiction, Historical fiction


Cien años de soledad

by:García Márquez, Gabriel, 1927-2014

Tells the story of the gradual modernization of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendia family.

Editions:1283  Date:1928 - 2019  Genre(s):Epic fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction


A game of thrones

by:Martin, George R. R.

"Long ago, in a time forgotten, a preternatural event threw the seasons out of balance. In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold is returning, and in the frozen wastes to the north of Winterfell, sinister and supernatural forces are massing beyond the kingdom's protective Wall. At the center of the conflict lie the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the land they were born to. Sweeping from a land of brutal cold to a distant summertime kingdom of epicurean plenty, here is a tale of lords and ladies, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and bastards, who come together in a time of grim omens. Here an enigmatic band of warriors bear swords of no human metal; a tribe of fierce wildlings carry men off into madness; a cruel young dragon prince barters his sister to win back his throne; and a determined woman undertakes the most treacherous of journeys. Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of throne"--Provided by publisher.

Editions:259  Date:1996 - 2019  Genre(s):Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Science fiction, Epic fiction


The Clan of the Cave Bear : a novel

by:Auel, Jean M.

The Neanderthal world is portrayed reconstructing primordial daily life and beliefs.

Editions:189  Date:1980 - 2017  Genre(s):Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Epic fiction, Novels


The mammoth hunters

by:Auel, Jean M.

Ayla and Jondalar meet the Mamutoi-the Mammoth Hunters--people like Ayla. Ayla finds herself torn between the wildly jealous Jondalar and the master carver Ranec.

Editions:174  Date:1982 - 2014  Genre(s):Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Historical fiction, Epic fiction, Epic fiction


Displaying 1 to 10 of 1362