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The annotated Brothers Grimm

by:Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863

Containing 40 stories in new translations by Tatar this celebration of the richness and dramatic power of the legendary fables also features 150 illustrations, many of them in color, by legendary painters.

Editions:3675  Date:1800 - 9122  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Juvenile works

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The little prince

by:Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, 1900-1944

An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

Editions:4338  Date:1874 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction


The ugly duckling

by:Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875

An ugly duckling spends an unhappy year ostracized by the other animals before he grows into a beautiful swan.

Editions:1608  Date:1057 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Juvenile works, Fairy tales, Fairy tales

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Can you see what I see? : picture puzzles to search and solve

by:Wick, Walter, 1953-

Offers picture puzzles which invite young readers to pick out objects having different colors, sizes, and physical features, in each of twelve fairy tales.

Editions:64  Date:2000 - 2011  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Picture puzzles, Picture puzzles, Fairy tales, Fairy tales


The adventures of Pinocchio

by:Collodi, Carlo, 1826-1890

A wooden puppet full of tricks and mischief, with a talent for getting into and out of trouble, wants more than anything else to become a real boy.

Editions:2586  Date:1875 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales

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The complete Grimm's fairy tales

by:Grimm, Jacob, 1785-1863

For almost two centuries, the stories of magic and myth gathered by the Brothers Grimm have been part of the way children -- and adults -- learn about the vagaries of the real world. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow-White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red-Cap (a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hood), and Briar-Rose (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) are only a few of more than 200 enchanting characters included here. Lyrically translated and beautifully illustrated, the tales are presented just as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm originally set them down: bold, primal, just frightening enough, and endlessly engaging.

Editions:944  Date:1812 - 2018  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales

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The high king

by:Alexander, Lloyd

Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper of Prydain, faces even more dangers as he seeks the magical Black Cauldron, the chief implement of the evil powers of Arawn, lord of the Land of Death.

Editions:238  Date:1956 - 2017  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy fiction, Fairy tales


James and the giant peach : a children's story

by:Dahl, Roald

After James Henry Trotter's parents are tragically eaten by a rhinoceros, he goes to live with his two horrible aunts. Life there is no fun, until James receives some magical, tiny green things and accidentally drops them by the old peach tree and strange things start to happen. The peach at the top of the tree begins to grow, and before long it's as big as a house. Inside, James meets a bunch of oversized friends-- Grasshopper, Centipede, Ladybug, and more. With a snip of the stem, the peach starts rolling away, and the great adventure begins!

Editions:354  Date:1961 - 2017  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fantasy fiction


Very short scary tales to read together

by:Hoberman, Mary Ann

Uses alliteration, rhyme, and repetition to invite children to read along with peers or with an adult.

Editions:64  Date:2001 - 2015  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Echo verse, Pictorial works



by:Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875

A tiny girl no bigger than a thumb is stolen by an ugly toad and subsequently has many adventures and makes many animal friends, before finding the perfect mate in a warm and beautiful southern land.

Editions:900  Date:1890 - 2018  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Fairy tales, Juvenile works


Displaying 1 to 10 of 18519