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Le ballon rouge = : The Red Balloon

by:Lamorisse, Albert

Pascal is a young French boy who discovers a stray balloon on the streets of Paris that seems to have a mind of its own and begins to follow Pascal everywhere. The two become inseparable, yet the world's harsh realities finally interfere. A touching allegory of the magic powers of love and friendship.

Editions:180  Date:1900 - 2018  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Drama, Short films, Short films, Feature films, Fantasy films


Curly classics

Six short films from 1934-1945 featuring the madcap antics of the Three Stooges.

Editions:199  Date:1930 - 2011  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Slapstick comedy films, Slapstick comedy films, Short films, Short films, Comedy films


Little ears, the velveteen rabbit

by:Bianco, Margery Williams, 1881-1944

By the time the velveteen rabbit is dirty, wornout, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real. When he turns to the skin horse for help, he begins to understand that one becomes a real person through human relationships that are loving, positive experiences. Animated.

Editions:109  Date:1974 - 2011  Rating:MPAA rating: Not rated.  Genre(s):Children's films, Short films, Short films, Animated films, Animated films


The snowman

by:Briggs, Raymond

Weaves a spell of magical winter enchantment as a young boy's snowman comes to life and escorts him on a visit to the North Pole.

Editions:84  Date:1976 - 2014  Type:Juvenile  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Children's films, Animated films, Animated films, Juvenile works, Short films


A matter of loaf and death

by:Park, Nick

Looking for a fast way to earn dough, Wallace decides to make it. Armed with a batch of ovens, an army of robotic kneading arms, and an old-fashioned windmill, Wallace and Gromit start 'Top Bun,' their new bread-baking business. When bakers suddenly start disappearing, Gromit realizes that his master is in danger as he follows a twisting, turning trail of crumbs to solve a murder mystery.

Editions:125  Date:1989 - 2012  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Short films, Short films, Animated films, Animated films, Children's films


Looney tunes golden collection : [Volume one]

by:Blanc, Mel

Featuring some of the very earliest, ground-breaking on-screen appearances of many all-time Looney Tunes favorites, it's an unprecedented celebration for cartoon-lovers eager to re-live the heady, hilarious, golden age of Warner Bros. animation. Fifty-six landmark animated marvels, including Bugs Bunny, in a dazzling assortment of his very best toons. Also highlighted: the ever-flustered Daffy Duck and eternal straight-man Porky Pig. Plus, all the rest of the beloved Looney Tunes lineup starring in some of the most wildly imaginative cartoon shorts ever created.

Editions:59  Date:1936 - 2011  Rating:Not rated; intended for the adult collector and may not be suitable for children.  Genre(s):Animated films, Animated films, Short films, Short films, Comedy films


Be my valentine, Charlie Brown

The good times begin with a certain big-nosed beagle playing Cupid and does not stop until Charlie Brown opens his mailbox one last, eager time. Homemade Valentine's, class parties, the tug of romance and the allure of chocolate set the mood for these school children.

Editions:37  Date:1975 - 2012  Type:Juvenile  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Juvenile works, Short films, Animated films, Animated films, Children's films


Un chien Andalou

by:Buñuel, Luis, 1900-1983

Filmed in the subjective language of the unconscious, this early avant-garde film is a surrealist tale of unfulfilled desire, based on an exchange of dreams between Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel.

Editions:213  Date:1919 - 2013  Rating:General.  Genre(s):Silent films, Silent films, Short films, Short films, Drama


F. Scott Fitzgerald's Bernice bobs her hair

by:Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940

It's the hot summer of 1919. Visiting her cousin Marjorie (Veronica Cartwright), sweet-but-dull Bernice (Shelley Duvall) is transformed into a smooth-talking man-trap by her vampish kinches However, the makeover works too well; Bernice becomes the belle of the ball, captivating every boy's interest - including Marjorie's boyfriend, Warren (Bud Cort) The now worldly Bernice has the last laugh...a clever and ironic twist. One of the best screen translations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary work, Bernice also includes the delightful supporting role performances of Dennis Christopher (Breaking Away) and Polly Holliday (Alice).

Editions:60  Date:1976 - 2011  Rating:MPAA rating: Not rated.  Genre(s):Film adaptations, Short films, Short films, Film adaptations, Drama


The future of food

by:Garcia, Deborah Koons

Documents the trend of unlabeled genetically-modified foods which have become increasingly prevalent in grocery stores. Unravels the complex web of market and political forces that are changing the nature of what we eat. Explores organic and sustainable agriculture as alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture.

Editions:59  Date:2004 - 2016  Rating:Not rated.  Genre(s):Documentary films, Nonfiction films, Nonfiction films, Feature films, Short films


Displaying 1 to 10 of 14528