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Burn English : a western story

by:Luckey, William A.

Burn English was known far and wide for the excellence of the horses he captured and bred, believing that wild horses were his to claim, no matter whose range they might run on.

Editions:7  Date:2008 - 2014  Genre(s):Western fiction, Western stories, Western fiction, Western comic books, strips, etc


Dalton City

by:Morris, 1923-2001

Graphic Novel. A wagon train of pioneers drives through Nothing Gulch. Its ill-tempered driver is sent away by the travellers and Lucky Luke is asked to step in. He agrees to lead the pioneers to California, but a mystery vandal keeps sabotaging the convoy.

Editions:83  Date:1961 - 2017  Genre(s):Comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Western comic books, strips, etc, Comics (Graphic works)


Blazin' barrels : Volume 3

by:Pak, Min-sŏ

When Leanne and Sting enter a competition to protect the legendary Gold Gun, Gold Romany shows up with one thing on their mind-to cause chaos! Later, Sting and Leanne take a crack at the Manson Gang, leading our revenge-thirsty duo on a bounty hunt. But little do they know, they are not alone!

Editions:23  Date:2001 - 2008  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Western comic books, strips, etc, Juvenile works, Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Comic books, strips, etc


Jesse James

by:Goscinny, 1926-1977

Lucky Luke, a hero of the Old West who is dedicated to seeing that justice is served, wants to take down Jesse James for all of his wrongdoings.

Editions:97  Date:1969 - 2017  Type:Juvenile  Genre(s):Western comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Juvenile works


The sixth gun : Book 1,. Cold dead fingers

by:Bunn, Cullen

"During the darkest days of the Civil War, wicked cutthroats came into possession of six pistols of otherworldly power. In time, the Sixth Gun. the most dangerous of the weapons, vanished. When the gun surfaces in the hands of an innocent girl, dark forces reawaken. Vile men thought long dead set their sights on retrieving the gun and killing the girl. Only Drake Sinclair, a gunfighter with a shadowy past, stands in their way"--Publisher web site.

Editions:3  Date:2011 - 2017  Genre(s):Comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Western comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels


Calamity Jane

by:Goscinny, 1926-1977

Follows the adventures of Lucky Luke as he fights crime in the Old West.

Editions:67  Date:1967 - 2017  Genre(s):Comic books, strips, etc, Western comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Graphic novels


Yakari and the stranger


There's panic among the beavers. A pelican, fiendishly sick with a cold, makes an emergency landing among them. Not only does this undesirable guest keep all the neighbourhood awake with his monstrous sneezes, but he's dying of hunger. Yakari and Little Thunder bring him to the otters, who cram him with fish. The pelican puts on weight again quickly, but his thundering cold persists!

Editions:32  Date:1978 - 2015  Genre(s):Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Comics (Graphic works), Comics (Graphic works), Western comic books, strips, etc


Western circus

by:Goscinny, 1926-1977

Mulligan's Western circus - his troop, lion and elephant - arrive in town under the escort of Lucky Luke. Zilch, a rich businessman and organizer of the annual grand rodeo, thinks the circus is going to compete with his business and does everything to prevent it from putting on a show. He even engages killer-for-hire Rattlesnake Joe, but in the end his attempts will provide unexpected publicity for the circus. On with the show!

Editions:54  Date:1970 - 2014  Genre(s):Western comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Comic books, strips, etc


The sixth gun : Book 2,. Crossroads

by:Bunn, Cullen

"In the aftermath of the tragic battle of the Maw, Drake and company hide in the sprawling city of New Orleans. But as they plot their next move, they find themselves embroiled in another harrowing adventure. Unexpected threats, new enemies, and a host of strange spirits are already aligning against them."

Editions:4  Date:2011 - 2013  Genre(s):Comic books, strips, etc, Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Horror comic books, strips, etc, Western comic books, strips, etc


Runaways : Battleworld

by:Stevenson, Noelle

"Final exams are looming at Battleworld's Institute for Gifted Youths, a prestigious school in the planet's capital. But the new class doesn't react so well when they discover that the school's beloved headmaster is actually a diabolical super villain ... and their final exam is a brutal deathmatch between students! Faced with harsh lessons and an even harsher truth, the students take to the road--and end up in the Wild West domain of 1872!"--Page 4 of cover.

Editions:5  Date:2015  Genre(s):Graphic novels, Graphic novels, Superhero comics, Superhero comics, Comics (Graphic works)


Displaying 1 to 10 of 578